Microvisor | Nov. 03, 2022

Twilio Microvisor now in Public Beta

Twilio Microvisor is now in Public Beta. Microvisor provides managed connectivity as well as managed security for the lifetime of IoT devices. With Microvisor, you can continuously debug and improve a connected hardware product after it has been mass-manufactured and deployed to the field – by offering unbrickable over-the-air firmware updates and secure remote line-by-line debugging live on deployed devices. Microvisor leverages Arm TrustZone to achieve security and failsafe connectivity through hardware-level separation of communications and application and a hypervisor architecture.

The Public Beta release includes:

For a peek into how Microvisor works in action, watch this video. For more background on the Microvisor architecture and feature set, read our blog post. For pricing, please review this page.

Microvisor Beta