Unlock the power of personalization by putting customer data to work

Read “Time To Make Things Personal,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Twilio.

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Just 5% of leaders believe they can provide high levels of personalization across the entire customer journey

Learn how data can increase CSAT across sales and customer support teams

In this study commissioned by Twilio, Forrester Consulting points out that businesses today have more customer data available to them than ever before, creating limitless potential for them to build impactful customer experiences. 

Yet, these same businesses face the dual challenge of harnessing an unprecedented volume of customer data while meeting ever-evolving customer expectations.

Read the study to learn how to turn this opportunity into outcomes.

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Put personalization to work

The Forrester Consulting's survey yielded four important recommendations to expand and optimize customer data use to better serve customers.

  • Treat personalization as table stakes, not as a growth engine
  • Invest in a data solution that brings all channels and interactions together, in one place
  • Get predictive and prescriptive with intelligence
  • Continuously learn and optimize customer experiences with machine learning tools

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, “Time To Make Things Personal”, on behalf of Twilio, October 2023

See what sets Twilio Flex apart

Twilio Flex is a digital engagement center for sales and service/support teams that connects customers with any customer-facing employee, at any stage of their journey.