Reliably Reaching People at Scale with Mass Alerts

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Consistently delivering critical information through mass alerts is not typically a focus for most businesses until a situation like coronavirus arises. With a distributed workforce and people forced to work remote, timely and relevant communications is more important than ever. Companies need to be able to deliver quick, accurate alerts to their customers and employees through the channels they prefer.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through strategies to consider when sending mass alerts and the innovative ways companies have approached communications during this pandemic. We’ll cover key considerations like one-way vs. two-way communications, single channel vs. multi-channel, and channel prioritization. We’ll also demonstrate how companies can quickly create a simple alerts system through SMS, voice, and email channels.

This is the second webinar in a series we hope you will find useful during your business continuity planning.


Chris Piwinski

Product Marketing at Twilio

Chris Piwinski is a Product Marketing Manager at Twilio where he works on Programmable Messaging. His focus is on how organizations can drive trust and engagement with their customers through channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and more. Prior to Twilio, Chris spent time in product marketing, sales, and project management at LinkedIn, Headspace, and a payments technology startup.

Al Kiramoto

Solutions Engineer at Twilio

Al Kiramoto is a Solutions Engineer at Twilio. He lives in Dallas - TX and enjoys working with customers solving business problems - besides a good barbecue and TexMex food.