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May 24, 2016 – San Francisco

Twilio Launches Add-ons - Pre-Integrated Partner Technologies Available Through the Twilio API

Twilio, the cloud communications platform for developers, today announced Twilio Add-ons, an easy way for developers and businesses to access partner technologies that have been pre-integrated with the Twilio API. Available from the Twilio Marketplace, Add-ons provide builders with many new capabilities to enhance their Twilio applications such as sentiment analysis of text messages, speech to text transcription for phone calls, and insight into user demographic data based on phone number. Developers can also publish and sell Add-ons to Twilio's community of 1 million registered developer accounts, allowing them to enrich billions of interactions Twilio processes each month. Twilio launched Twilio Add-ons and the Twilio Marketplace today at SIGNAL, the developer conference for communications. To learn more and to get started, visit

Twilio Add-ons make it possible for developers to accomplish even more with less code by accessing a variety of partner technologies using the Twilio API that they know well. Developers can now access partner APIs with the same authentication process, API framework, and billing relationship they already use with Twilio. Twilio Add-ons are available for Programmable SMS, Programmable Voice and Twilio Lookup and can be quickly installed from the Twilio console.

Add-ons offer developers and businesses:
A catalog of vetted offerings: Users can browse Twilio-verified Add-ons for Voice, Messaging and Lookup products from a growing list of partners available in the Twilio Marketplace.

One-click integration: Instead of implementing a new API for each integration, developers can access the same new functionality in one click through the Twilio API.

Pay-as-you-go pricing: As with all Twilio products, developers and businesses can access partner Add-ons with no contracts or minimum commitments, and are billed through Twilio only for what they use.

"With today's announcement of Add-ons, we want to help our community do more with less code," said Jeff Lawson, CEO and Co-Founder of Twilio. "Everyday, builders use Twilio in combination with other developer technologies to better reach their customers. Our community of developers can now access these partners' features without the heavy lifting of maintaining different integrations."

The Twilio Marketplace is an API-enabled platform that allows any developer to submit their own Add-on for review by Twilio and make it available for purchase to Twilio's community of over 1 million registered developer accounts. Publishers of Twilio's verified Add-ons can take advantage of Technology Partner status and fast-track integration from Twilio. Developers can request an invite to publish their Add-ons via the form at

"Adding Watson APIs to the Twilio Marketplace provides another avenue for developers to create dynamic, AI-infused apps and services," said Elliot Turner, Director of Alchemy, IBM Watson. "The Watson capabilities we've introduced today will help developers deepen how businesses engage with their customers."

Initial offerings available today include Add-ons from partners such as: IBM Watson, Marchex, Whitepages Pro, Mobile Commons, Payfone and Next Caller. Coming soon are offerings from, VoiceBase and Wolfram.

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