Twilio Short Codes

Powerful features in an elegant, straightforward API.


Picture Messages

MMS over short codes in the US

Message Queueing

Queueing of concurrent message requests


Assemble up to 10 messages into one

Global Coverage

Available in the US, Canada, and the UK

Delivery Intelligence

Build better application logic with delivery status

Two-Way API

Respond with TwiML and send with REST API

Powering Your Business with Twilio Short Codes

Leading companies trust Twilio Short Codes for customer communications.

Use Cases

Dispatch Notifications

Uber alerts thousands of passengers and drivers every minute about car requests and arrivals using a Twilio Short Code.

Customer Alerts

PayByPhone sends more than 2 million time-sensitive text messages per month to notify customers about expiring parking meters to avoid fines.

Mobile Marketing

Walmart improves marketing effectiveness by sending "Value of the Day" special discounts, via a Twilio Short Code, to Walmart shoppers that have higher open rates compared to email.

Customer Service

Alaska Airlines informs passengers about the status of over 800,000 flights per year with real-time SMS alerts using a Twilio Short Code.

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