Not all cloud platforms are created equal. Behind the guaranteed 99.95% SLA is a dynamic call routing engine which uses real-time quality metrics to traverse IP networks and carriers connected in local data centers distributed across 7 regions on 5 continents.

Call quality starts with the quality of the phone number. Twilio offers an inventory of tens of millions of numbers across 50 countries, where each number is tested for 60 days to avoid those that receive unwanted call traffic.

Custom call control logic can be powerful but it shouldn't be complicated. One API provides the most powerful real-time carrier call-control capabilities and the ability to extend calls to SIP or mobile and web apps through WebRTC.

Local Connectivity

Use local country phone numbers

per month
Connect with Local Numbers
per minute
to receive
per minute
to make calls

Mobile Numbers

Phone numbers with mobile phone prefixes

Connect with Mobile Numbers
per minute
to make calls

SIP Interface

Extend the full power of TwiML to your IP infrastructure or existing carrier numbers View Volume Pricing »

Connect to TwiML with SIP Interfaces
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to make calls

Programmable Call Recording

Securely record, store, transcribe, and retrieve voice calls in the cloud. Learn More »
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Fully-programmable and easy to integrate at massive scale. Learn More »
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Agent Conference
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Answering Machine Detection

Determine if an outbound call made has reached a live person, answering machine, or fax. Learn More »

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Programmable Voice Insights

Detailed metrics to improve the Carrier and WebRTC call experience. Available with on-demand pricing and discounted for committed volume. Learn More »

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All Voice Pricing for Lithuania

The tables below contain all voice pricing for the country. The price to make a call may vary based on the destination of the call. Twilio is also able send SMS to this country.

Make Calls

RoutePrice per min
Lithuania - from EEA$0.0260
Lithuania - Mobile$0.3500
Lithuania - Mobile - from EEA$0.0350

Receive Calls

Local$1.00 per month + $0.01 per min

Call Phones Around the World

Twilio is connected to mobile carriers globally so that you can make calls to users wherever they are. Use the search box below to find the price to make a call anywhere in the world.

From Lithuania


Automatic Volume Pricing

When your application reaches volume scale, you'll automatically get volume pricing.
No negotiation necessary.

TwiML-Enabled SIP Connections$ per min
First 100k minutes per month$0.0040
Next 900k minutes per month$0.0035
Next 9M minutes per month$0.0030
Next 40M minutes per month$0.0020
Next 50M minutes per month$0.0010
Above 100M minutes per month$0.0007

Recording$ per min
First 100k minutes per month$0.0025
Next 900k minutes per month$0.0024
Next 9M minutes per month$0.0022
Next 40M minutes per month$0.0020
Next 50M min per month$0.0018
Above 100M minutes per month$0.0017

Recording Storage$ per min
First 10k minutes per monthFREE
Next 4.99 million minutes per month$0.00050
Next 10 million minutes per month$0.00025
Next 85 million minutes per month$0.00010
Next 900 million min per month$0.00005
Above 1 billion minutes per month$0.00004

Conference min/monthUS (Virginia)IrelandTokyoSingaporeSydneySão Paulo
First 100k minutes$0.0018$0.0025$0.0030$0.0030$0.0030$0.0040
Next 900k minutes$0.0016$0.0024$0.0028$0.0028$0.0028$0.0038
Next 9M minutes$0.0015$0.0022$0.0026$0.0026$0.0026$0.0036
Next 40M minutes$0.0013$0.0020$0.0024$0.0024$0.0024$0.0034
Next 50M minutes$0.0012$0.0018$0.0022$0.0022$0.0022$0.0032
Above 100M minutes$0.0010$0.0017$0.0020$0.0020$0.0020$0.0030

Conference volume prices charged per participant per minute.

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