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  • By Chiara Massironi
    Lead your intrepid crew through The Cloud with TwilioQuest adventure teams and operations Teams & Operations

    From today, TwilioQuest Operators can play with friends, students, or other colleagues by setting up adventure teams and operations in the Operator console.

    Adventure Teams

    Adventure teams allow you to create groups of TwilioQuest players, and track their progress through the game. You could create or join teams for your classroom and/or meetup and/or group of friends, and keep tabs on how individuals in each group are doing.

    You can also join operations as a team, and compete as a group!

    Individual players can join your new team using a unique "join code" that will be generated when you create the team, and which you can find and share from your Teams info page.

    Adventure Teams screenshot


    Operations are events that TwilioQuest players can participate in together as a contest for a given period of time. Any points that players score between the start and end of an operation are …

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  • By Chiara Massironi
    Bit Camp creates a 6-week JavaScript bootcamp with TwilioQuest Bit Camp blog header.png

    Meet the students that are making programming accessible for people with non-technical and unconventional backgrounds.

    Students from non-traditional backgrounds who are interested in learning to code often don’t have access to the same resources, professors and experiences during their studies. This disparity often leads to a lack of confidence in pursuing opportunities, and when a group of students from UC Davis in California realized they had an opportunity to change this, the non-profit, Bit Camp was born.

    As Shreya Gupta, Head of Developer Relations at Bit Camp puts it, “As a major in Computer Science and Engineering, I have felt intimidated by my lack of experience prior to college. I found that projects outside the classroom helped me overcome this, and I think it is important for me to help other students see their potential”.

    BitProject, Bit Camp’s student-led bootcamp, aims to democratize tech education through open source learning experiences. …

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  • By Chiara Massironi
    Computer Science lessons from around the world World Teacher Day_Blog (2).png

    An opportunity to say thank you

    With 2020 bringing a host of challenges to us all, World Teacher Day presented itself as an opportunity to pause and celebrate the hard work of Computer Science teachers around the world. Not only have they had to continue finding engaging ways to teach their students, but in a world where everything is done virtually, some extra creativity was required.

    The challenge

    We asked teachers at all levels of education to submit their most creative lesson plans for computer science. The key criteria we looked at was:

    • Distance Learning: lesson is compatible with distance learning
    • Accessibility: lesson plan was created to be inclusive and equitable for all students.
    • Fun / Engagement Factor: We want to hear why this lesson is particularly fun for students!

    The results

    We were blown away by the creativity displayed by the educators in bringing Computer Science to life! From …

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  • By Chiara Massironi
    Twilio Perks for Students and Educators Now Available with GitHub Education GitHub Education Launch

    GitHub Education helps students, teachers, and schools access the tools and events they need to shape the next generation of software development. As a developer-first company, Twilio is thrilled to partner with GitHub to serve these developers in this part of their programming journey.

    Twilio & GitHub Education

    This year, Twilio launched the TwilioQuest for Education program which aims to create fun and engaging computer science learning experiences for students of any age and experience level. Through the GitHub Education partnership, both students and educators will have the ability to learn about and use Twilio's APIs when building real-life applications, and enhance their programming skills with TwilioQuest.

    Student Developer Pack

    Through the GitHub Student Developer Pack, Twilio is pleased to offer the following awesome benefits for students:

    • $50 USD in Twilio API credits
    • Exclusive in-game items in TwilioQuest

    Teacher Toolbox

    Through the GitHub Teacher Toolbox, Twilio is …

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  • By Chiara Massironi
    Check Out the New Mission in TwilioQuest to Teach PHP Fundamentals! Introducing OSS Elephpant

    Team TwilioQuest is thrilled to announce our newest mission, the OSS Elephpant! This mission introduces players to local development with PHP through a series of fun challenges. Playing through this mission, you will learn fundamental skills with this popular server-side programming language. You can download and play TwilioQuest right now to try it out!

    A new mission

    Board the OSS Elephpant, a massive living colony ship whose slumbering passengers need your help! A series of mysterious malfunctions have imperiled the ship's crew, and only you can restore order by repairing the ship’s systems.

    OSS Elephpant welcome

    The first several challenges within this mission are available today, with many more to come in the following weeks. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or join our mailing list to be the first to hear when even more new PHP content is available.

    Meet the creator of the PHP mission

    "Hi, my name …

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  • By Chiara Massironi
    TwilioQuest Educator Spotlight: Sean Tibor Educator Spotlight.png

    Introducing Sean

    After 20+ years working in marketing and technology across an array of businesses, and building his own Marketing agency, in 2018 Sean Tibor decided it was time for a career change. At this cross-road, a friend picked up on his patience with children and his ability to teach them about technology, leading Sean to dive into the world of education.

    Two years later, Sean continues to teach as part of a comprehensive computer science curriculum from PreK through 12th grade at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale. He is deeply passionate about making computer science a fun and practical experience for his students. Sean knows that not all of his students will become programmers and his goal is to give them a set of skills that will help them outside the classroom; persistence, resilience, problem solving and general confidence in their abilities.

    A glimpse into the classroom

    Sean’s …

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  • By Chiara Massironi
    TwilioQuest Earth Day Challenge TwilioQuest Logo

    Earth Day 2020

    Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. Some pretty incredible milestones have been achieved over the years, including the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts in 1970, and the signing of the historic Paris Agreement on climate change in 2016. This year’s Earth Day theme is climate action, and at a time when social distancing is a necessary requirement, Earth Day is going digital. TwilioQuest started the year with a goal of planting 10,000 trees to support reforestation efforts in Australia, and we’re participating in Earth Day with our Earth Day tree-planting challenge.

    TwilioQuest Tree-planting chest


    If you’ve played TwilioQuest, you may have already encountered a few tree-planting chests in the game. In light of Earth Day, we have added 8 additional tree-planting chests that will be visible from Tuesday, April 21st. The goal of this challenge is to see how many trees the TwilioQuest …

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  • By Chiara Massironi
    Install Linux on your Chromebook to play TwilioQuest TwilioQuest Logo

    TwilioQuest is currently available to download on Mac, Windows and Linux machines. For those of you who would like to play on a Chromebook, we have put together this step-by-step guide to make it easy for you to start playing TwilioQuest!

    Before you begin

    Before you get started, navigate to the status area on the bottom right side of your screen and click on the settings icon. If Linux (beta) is available, you should see it on the settings bar. Please note that this guide only applies to Chromebooks that have the option to download Linux (beta).

    It is possible to see reduced performance of TwilioQuest when playing on a Chromebook. This installation was tested on a 2017 Samsung 11.6"4GB ram, 16GB SSD Intel Atom Processor "up to" 2GHz.

    Download TwilioQuest

    Go to https://www.twilio.com/quest/download and select the Linux “Debian/Ubuntu” version of the game.

    Download TwilioQuest

    Open the TwilioQuest file

    Once it has …

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