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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Receive SMS Alerts for Email Opens and Clicks with Twilio SendGrid and Node.js SMS alerts for email opens and clicks header image (2)

    When it comes to messaging applications, read receipts are a common feature that allow you to know if your recipient has read your message. For email applications, this feature is very uncommon; however, when sending marketing and especially important emails, it's sometimes vital to know and keep track of whether your recipients have opened and read your email.

    When using Twilio SendGrid, keeping track of email engagement is seamless through Event Webhooks. Event Webhooks not only track the delivery status of your emails but also engagement events such as if an email has been opened or a link within an email has been clicked. Pairing open and click tracking for emails with Twilio’s Programmable SMS API will ensure you’re up to date on the status of your important emails.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how to track and send SMS alerts for open and click events for your …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    HTTP Methods and Making API Requests with cURL Copy of TwilioQuest  Blog Headers  1200X628 (2).png

    This post is a part of a series that supports an expanded adventure, as of May 2022, in TwilioQuest, but it will be relevant to anyone curious about HTTP methods and making requests with cURL. Happy reading!

    Ahoy, operator. Congratulations on gaining acceptance into the Arcane Academy of API Arts. I’m Professor Hendrik van Hoek, head of House Von Neumann. In House Von Neumann, we believe that code is infinite. We love solving problems of computer science and architecting new software. To do that, students of House Von Neumann must study the foundations of APIs.

    You are probably familiar with the term HTTP from seeing websites and links, but what exactly is this elusive term?

    HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that allows for communication between a client and server – it’s the language of the world wide web and is what allows you to access …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Twilio SendGridとNode.jsで登録者にメール通知を送信 Send Email Notifications to Subscribers with SendGrid and Node.js Header JP

    この記事はDhruv Patelこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。



    本稿では、メールによる価格通知システムを構築する方法を学びます。Sneaks APIを使用してスニーカーの価格を追跡し、特定のスニーカーの価格が下がるとTwilio SendGridのメールアラートを配信するシステムです。




    このセクションでは、まずTwilio SendGridアカウントを設定し、メール通知システムのベースを構築することで、環境設定を行います。

    Twilio SendGridのAPIキーを作成

    まず、Twilio SendGridのアカウントにログインし、管理コンソールの [API Keys] 画面に移動します。右上の [Create API Key](APIキーを作成)ボタンをクリックします。


    APIキーの名前を指定し、[Create & View](作成と表示)ボ …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Integrate Twilio and SendGrid Accounts through Single Sign-On with Okta Integrate Twilio and Sendgrid through SSO with Okta Header image

    Oftentimes organizations use a large number of SaaS applications. And with a large number of user accounts for their employees and customers, it can get difficult for both the end user and the organization—end users have to memorize different credentials for multiple applications and organizations have to support multiple applications, and securley manage thousands of user accounts on each application.

    As a result of this, organizations have been using single sign-on (SSO),which allows users to securely sign-on to multiple applications through one credential, and allows organizations to manage all accounts through a single user directory.

    Both Twilio and SendGrid (now in GA) allow SSO using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) to integrate your Twilio and SendGrid user authentications with any identity and access management (IAM) platforms that support SAML 2.0.

    For this tutorial, you are going to learn how to integrate Twilio and SendGrid accounts, account …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Twilio SendGridでNode.jsを使いEメールを簡単に送信(SMTP編) Send Email in Node.js Using SMTP with Twilio SendGrid JP

    この記事はDhruv Patelこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    アプリケーション開発におけるメールサービスに関して言えば、Twilio SendGridなどのクラウド側でホストされているメールAPIを使用し、ニーズに合わせて設定をカスタマイズするとよいでしょう。ただし、既存のプラットフォームでSMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)がすでに有効な場合は、広く普及しているメール標準であるSMTP経由でメールを送信する方法を採用したい場合もあるでしょう。幸いなことに、Twilio SendGridではSMTPリレーサービスを提供していますので、自前のサーバーをセットアップする必要はありません。また、これまでどおり、詳細なメトリクス、分析のトラッキング、優れた配信率の恩恵を受けることができ、X-SMTPAPIヘッダーを介してSendGridの多くの機能も利用できます。

    このチュートリアルでは、Node.jsとTwilio SendGridのSMTPリレーを使ってメールを送信する方法について説明します。

    SendGridとの連携にWeb APIとSMTPリレーのどちらを使用するかを選択できる場合は、できるだけWeb APIを使用してください。SMTPでは、サーバーとクライアントの間で必要となるプロトコル処理が多いため、遅延が大きくなり、障害点が複数発生する可能性があります。詳細については、Se …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    How to Send SMTP Emails in Node.js With SendGrid Send Email in Node.js Using SMTP with Twilio SendGrid

    When it comes to email services in application development, a hosted email API – such as Twilio SendGrid – is the way to go as it offers ways to customize the setup to your needs. However, you may want to send emails through SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) if it is already on your existing platform and since it is an email standard that's used universally. Luckily, Twilio SendGrid offers an SMTP Relay service without having to set up your own server. You’ll also still have access to in-depth metrics, analytics tracking, increased deliverability rates and even more SendGrid features through the X-SMTPAPI header.

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to send out emails through Twilio SendGrid’s SMTP Relay in Node.js.

    If you have the option and are still deciding whether to integrate SendGrid through our API or SMTP Relay, we highly recommend using our Web API. SMTP …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Build an Email Newsletter Application with Express, Node.js and SendGrid Newsletter app node.js sendgrid header


    Consumers of all kinds are constantly having information sent their way.

    But if you’re looking for a way to connect and establish a touch point with your audience, sending out a newsletter is a great way to grab their attention. Newsletters are a must-have for businesses and can build engagement with new and existing customers.

    Twilio SendGrid has the perfect solution when it comes to building a newsletter system: Marketing Campaigns. And although there are many non-technical services available that make this process painless, building out your own system allows you to have complete transparency and customization of the system.

    The mighty SendGrid API is a terrific solution to create your own newsletter system. With marketing tools such as Email List Management, the API doesn’t lose out on controllability.

    In this post, you’ll learn how to build an app that allows users to sign up, confirm, and …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Build a Contact Form in Node.js with SendGrid Header

    Contact forms on web applications are essential as it’s great for signups, customer engagement, or even getting feedback from visitors. There are many solutions when it comes to creating contact forms such as using embedded forms. And although embedded forms are easy to implement, building out your own form allows you to have complete transparency and customization of the form and its processing.

    A great solution to send out emails through contact forms is Twilio Sendgrid. SendGrid offers deliverability, scalability and even in-depth metrics and analytics when it comes to email-based solutions such as contact forms. In this post, you’ll learn how to build a basic contact form with SendGrid to let your visitors contact you which can be incorporated into your Node application.

    Stylized contact form


    Here is what you will need to complete this tutorial:

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Send Email Notifications to Subscribers with SendGrid and Node.js Send Email Notifications to Subscribers with SendGrid and Node.js Header


    Sitting at your device all day waiting for a price drop on a product can be a cumbersome task. An email notification system will ensure that you never miss out on your most coveted item. Whether you’re looking for the hottest pair of shoes or a couch for your living room, it can all be automated to your benefit and make technology work for you.

    In this article, you will learn how to build an email price notification system. To do this, you’ll use the Sneaks API to track sneaker prices and deliver SendGrid email alerts whenever the price of a particular sneaker decreases.


    Here is what you will need to follow along with this article:

    Configure Your Environment

    In this section, you will first configure your environment by setting up your SendGrid account, …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Build a GPT-3 Discord Chatbot with Node.js Gpt-3 Discord Bot Header

    OpenAI’s GPT-3 is a language model that offers a multifaceted “text in, text out” interface that can be applied to virtually any task. It can produce code, stories, recipes, and more. The engine is capable of doing anything - it can even do your homework for you! OpenAI's GPT-3 engine is also a remarkable tool for chatbots since its output text is indistinguishable from human text. A fitting integration with this is Discord chatbots.

    In recent years, Discord has become the central messaging platform for communities especially with the help of Discord bots. Through Discords extensive API, developers are able to build robust bots that are capable of various actions such as automating tasks and chatting with users.

    With the gaining traction of both of these technologies, I decided to combine them to build an intelligent but fun chatbot.

    In this article you’ll learn how to use …

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