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  • By Geoffrey Keating
    顧客データプラットフォーム(CDP)レポート2022のご案内 CDPreport2022jp

    この記事はGeoffrey Keatingこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    グローバルNo.1の顧客データプラットフォーム(CDP)であるTwilio Segmentは、顧客データがどのように世界の顧客エンゲージメントを推進しているかを毎年調査しており、このほど最新の調査結果を「2022」版として発表しました。






    過去12か月間にCDPの採用がこれまでになく勢いづいていることをより理解できるようにするため、Twilioではお客様のTwilio Segmentプラットフォームの使用状況を調査しました …

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  • By Geoffrey Keating
    Announcing The Customer Data Platform Report 2022 CDP Report 2022 Segment

    Twilio Segment, the world’s #1 Customer Data Platform (CDP), just announced their yearly exploration of how customer data is driving customer engagement around the globe.

    In last year’s report, they predicted that the pandemic would make customer data platforms (CDPs) an essential component of every businesses' tech stacks. In a world where businesses are increasingly using digital channels to interact with customers, CDPs will become essential.

    Jumping forward 12 months, these predictions have been borne out, and been supplemented by new trends that are powering CDPs to new heights.

    The death knell has been rung for third-party data, triggered by regulators and technology giants. Across the globe, standards and restrictions on the collection, sharing, and processing of data have become tighter. Apple and Google, which capture billions of customers and businesses within their ecosystems, have made moves to limit third-party tracking.

    The message is clear: CDPs have become pivotal …

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  • By Geoffrey Keating
    Twilio Segmentによる『パーソナライゼーションの現状2021』レポートのお知らせ Segment The State of Personalization 2021 JP

    この記事は、コンテンツライターのGeoffrey Keatingが、こちら(英語)で執筆した記事を日本語化したものです。(グラフィック中のテキストの趣旨: “パーソナライゼーションは顧客エンゲージメントの高度化における必須要素に..”)





    世界3,000以上の企業、消費者、マーケターが参加したTwilio Segmentの調査で、パーソナライゼーションに対する意識、期待、経験を分析しました。このデータでは、過去1年間に消費者の行動がどう変化し、企業がどう対応したかを知ることができます。

    パーソナライゼーションのギャップ: 期待と現実


    使用しているチャネルに …

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  • By Geoffrey Keating
    Announcing Twilio Segment's The State of Personalization 2021 Report Segment The State of Personalization 2021

    Segment, a division of Twilio, is excited to share the findings of our second annual State of Personalization survey.

    We had no idea how quickly consumer expectations and behaviors would change when we first released this report back in 2017. COVID-19 accelerated the move from brick-and-mortar retailers to online stores by up to a decade.

    It has set the bar high for businesses in terms of their digital experiences. Personalized customer engagement has become a prerequisite for any business today, no longer a luxury availed by only the best companies such as Amazon and Netflix.

    So, how are businesses doing?

    More than 3,000 companies, consumers, and marketers worldwide participated in Twilio Segment's study to analyze their attitudes, expectations, and experiences with personalization. In this data set, we learn how consumer behaviors changed over the past year, and how businesses reacted.

    The personalization gap: expectations vs. reality

    Hundreds of millions …

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