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  • By Geoffrey Keating
    Announcing Twilio Segment's The State of Personalization 2021 Report Segment The State of Personalization 2021

    Segment, a division of Twilio, is excited to share the findings of our second annual State of Personalization survey.

    We had no idea how quickly consumer expectations and behaviors would change when we first released this report back in 2017. COVID-19 accelerated the move from brick-and-mortar retailers to online stores by up to a decade.

    It has set the bar high for businesses in terms of their digital experiences. Personalized customer engagement has become a prerequisite for any business today, no longer a luxury availed by only the best companies such as Amazon and Netflix.

    So, how are businesses doing?

    More than 3,000 companies, consumers, and marketers worldwide participated in Twilio Segment's study to analyze their attitudes, expectations, and experiences with personalization. In this data set, we learn how consumer behaviors changed over the past year, and how businesses reacted.

    The personalization gap: expectations vs. reality

    Hundreds of millions …

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