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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Our 12th Twilioversary: Celebrated with a Socially-Distant Trebuchet Socially Distant Trebuchet

    Today, November 20th, 2020, marks 12 years since Twilio was born. We founded Twilio back in 2008 to provide a bridge between applications and the world of telephony. And we haven’t stood still – we’ve since expanded beyond communications to optimizing customer engagement and providing a unified view of the customer journey.

    Along the way, we've also had more than a little fun. As we've grown, we've strived to maintain a culture where we can be ourselves, quirks and all – we call it the Twilio Magic. You can see it when we encourage live coding on the New York Stock Exchange floor, teach dogs to take selfies, or help automate weddings.

    But one of our most hallowed traditions is a birthday tradition: every year on November 20th, we come up with creative ways to deliver confections to faces. Yes, really.

    Follow along, and I'll tell …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Twilio Acquires Segment, the Market-leading Customer Data Platform Ahoy Segment Banner

    We're excited to announce the close of Twilio's acquisition of Segment. You can read more about the details in our press release.

    Understanding your customers is critical to a successful customer engagement strategy, but information about customers – what they bought, when they needed help, how they use your apps and websites, and more – is probably siloed across dozens of software systems inside your company. These data silos frustrate developers and companies as they try to build a single view of their customer so they can engage in a meaningful, relevant way.

    These data silos are the enemies. They destroy customer relationships by driving awful service experiences and irrelevant marketing messaging. I faced this challenge at each of the four companies I founded, and, as a software developer, I constantly battled to wrangle data in a way that would allow us to better serve our customers.

    Segment …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Adapting and Building Together In Strange Times Adapting and Building Together in Strange Times by Jeff Lawson

    At Twilio, we're always impressed by the spirit of builders to improve the lives of customers and communities. In these unprecedented times, I've seen the builder spirit is especially strong.

    First, my thoughts are with those who are impacted by COVID-19 already. I wish speedy recovery to all those who are ill, and to those whose loved ones are battling this virus. I also want to express admiration and gratitude to the medical professionals on the front line of treating those who are ill.

    I wanted to reassure you that Twilio is here to serve your needs during this unusual time. Last week, Twilio migrated to a fully virtual operational model, and closed all offices globally. Twilio has long had a distributed workforce, so moving to fully virtual, with both the technology and the cultural norms, was completed last week. Our teams are up and running from home around the …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Unwanted Robocalls: Apple’s New Technology Might Help, But... ios-13-robocall-feature

    Today, Apple officially released iOS 13 which includes an interesting new feature to combat unwanted robocalls. iPhone owners can opt in to the feature called “Silence Unknown Callers” that will send calls originating from phone numbers that are not recognized to voicemail without ringing the phone. That means if a phone number isn’t in contacts, emails, or text messages that have passed through the phone, the call will go straight to voicemail. If the caller leaves a voicemail, the owner of the phone can either listen to the voicemail or read a transcript of it to decide if they want to call back.

    We commend Apple for joining the fight against unwanted communications and recognize this will certainly help reduce the annoyance that we all feel when we get a lot of illegal robocalls. The question is what unintended consequences will it have.  

    Research shows that fewer than 50% of …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Your Phone, Your Call - Part I - Eliminating Robocalls Your Phone, Your Call: Eliminating Robocalls

    All of us have had the experience. A meeting or a dinner interrupted by our phone ringing with some random number on the screen. Click ‘ignore’. Maybe a minute later we get the notification of a new voicemail (maybe in another language) touting a new deal on satellite TV, or better yet, alerting you to an urgent "lawsuit from the cops." Or rather, they don't leave a voicemail at all... because they'll just robocall you again in 20 minutes, hoping you'll answer from a different random number.

    Sound familiar? If your experience is anything like mine, your "missed calls" screen looks a bit like mine:

    One day's worth of unknown callers.

    Literally my missed calls screen. Yours too?

    Robocalling has reached epic proportions and we're all starting to hate our phones. In fact, according to First Orion, nearly 50% of all US mobile calls made in 2019 are expected to be robocalls. Stop and think …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Ahoy Twilio SendGrid twilio-sendgrid

    When we talk to our customers, they tell us that it's harder than ever to build a compelling customer engagement strategy. You have to consider all the customer touch points, from selling and marketing, to when customers are using your product or when they need support. At every step of the way, integrating the right communication at the right moment makes customers informed, happy, and successful.

    That's why at Twilio, we've been investing for 11 years to build the customer engagement platform that developers and companies can use to build world class experiences. We started by building the industry leading APIs for voice and SMS, and have since added video, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp as means for companies to communicate with their customers.

    SendGrid has been doing the same thing, but they started by building the industry's leading developer platform for email. If you’ve been at a hackathon, conference or …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Twilio to Acquire Leading Email API Platform, SendGrid opal-featured-image.jpg

    We started Twilio 10 years ago to democratize communications, giving developers the power to make a phone ring with just a few lines of code. Over the years, we’ve evolved our platform to address nearly every channel that companies use to communicate with their customers, including voice, video, SMS, chat, smart speakers like Alexa, and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

    As we continued to add new means of communication, you’ve told us that there has been one missing from our platform -- email.  We’ve watched SendGrid on their journey to build the industry’s best cloud-based email delivery platform. They’ve taken the same developer-first approach as we have - building a great API, reducing friction to getting started, focusing on trust and quality and showing developers what's possible with the power of code.

    Both Twilio and SendGrid have been hearing from you, our customers, that having a single …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Taking Twilio.org To The Next Level _twilio.org-logo-color-web

    One of our key values at Twilio is to empower others. That doesn’t mean “sell to others.” Rather, it means you help bring out the best in the people you serve, supporting and enabling them to achieve their goals however you can. Since we started Twilio, developers have amazed us with their ingenuity – building products and companies that we could never have imagined.

    But something else we never imagined was how communications plays into fixing the world. We’ve encountered many non-profit organizations whose work has shown that communications, or the lack thereof, is the root of many societal problems. Two years ago we started Twilio.org to empower those non-profit organizations with communications technology to improve lives around the world – through use of Twilio technology, grants, and volunteer work from Twilio’s employees worldwide. Yet Twilio.org was not sustainably funded – until now.

    Today we’re excited to announce we’re …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Announcing New Investors and Our $130 Million Series E Round logo-640×241

    “The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump

    Do the Humpty Hump, come on and do the Humpty Hump

    Do the Humpty Hump, just watch me do the Humpty Hump

    Do ya know what I’m doing, doing the Humpty Hump

    Do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump”

    – Shock G aka Humpty Hump

    I was told tech blog posts should start with rap lyrics, so there you go! I also wanted to announce that Twilio has closed a $130 million Series E round of funding, led by Fidelity and T Rowe Price, along with investments from Altimeter Capital Management and Arrowpoint Partners.

    In addition, we’re privileged that Amazon.com and Salesforce were also significant participants in the round. We’ve had great relationships with Amazon and Salesforce, leaders in laaS and SaaS respectively, and now we have the opportunity to deepen the relationship between our companies.  I …

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  • By Jeff Lawson, Twilio founder and CEO
    Ahoy Authy: Welcome Authy To The Twilio Family authy-blog-image

    It’s 2015, and every week there’s another security breach. We’ve learned that retailers aren’t safe from their HVAC vendors, Seth Rogen can stir an international cybersecurity incident, and not even the venerable OpenSSL can be trusted. The only strategy is multiple layers of security, and so every login box on the Internet needs to be secured and secured again.

    That’s non-controversial, but doing so has traditionally introduced substantial user friction. Five years ago, two factor authentication required hardware fobs that were expensive – and truthfully, who wants more hardware on their keychain? And what about email-based verification? No one wants to abandon the app and refresh their spam folder. Security is only as good as its usability – the most secure scheme is rendered useless if users don’t adopt it.

    Mobile has provided a great solution to create strong identity verification with reduced friction. For the past five years, Twilio …

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