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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    Business Messaging: Definition, Benefits & Examples Business Messaging: Definition, Benefits & Examples

    Back in the day, the only way to chat with businesses was to give them a call or show up at the door. And if businesses were “too big,” talking to them just wasn't a possibility for everyday customers.

    Things have changed.

    Thanks to global marketplaces, 2-day shipping, and the ability to shop from your couch, customers demand a different business messaging experience. Here's what customers want:

    • Communication options: According to Twilio SendGrid's 2022 Global Messaging Engagement Report, customers want options. Most prefer email, others like SMS/text, and some want webchat or a phone call. The more channels you offer, the more likely you'll provide the preferred experience for your customers.
    • Speed: Customers want answers, and they want them fast, ranking “fast response time” as the most important characteristic of good customer service. Almost half even expect brands to respond in less than 4 hours, and 12% …
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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    ¿Qué es un teléfono VoIP y cómo funciona? Que es un teléfono de VoiP y como funciona

    Las comunicaciones comerciales actuales cambian constantemente. Hace años, solo implicaba llamadas de voz. Ahora, las empresas utilizan llamadas, mensajes, correo electrónico, aplicaciones móviles, chat y videoconferencias para comunicarse de forma interna y externa en un día cualquiera.

    Esta evolución en las comunicaciones no solo cambia el comportamiento de los empleados y los clientes, sino también el hardware y el software necesarios para hacerlo realidad. Ahí es donde entra en juego VoIP (Voz sobre IP). Por medio de los teléfonos VoIP las empresas pueden reemplazar sus teléfonos tradicionales obsoletos por un completo paquete de comunicaciones que transcurren totalmente en Internet.

    Es probable que ya haya utilizado más de una aplicación de VoIP. Algunos ejemplos son los siguientes:

    • Skype
    • Google Hangouts
    • Zoom
    • WhatsApp
    • Facebook Messenger

    VoIP está cambiando el mundo de las comunicaciones. Con una configuración sencilla, bajos costes y mayor funcionalidad, es una tecnología que el futuro está adoptando. …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    5 Best SMS Marketing Platforms & Software 5 Best SMS Marketing Platforms & Software

    Finding the right Short Message Service (SMS) marketing platform for your business can feel like a never-ending “Where's Waldo?” book. Not to mention, comparing the features, pricing, integrations, automation capabilities, APIs, and workflows can make the best of us procrastinate indefinitely.

    Rest easy, friend. We're here to help.

    Close those tabs, put down your pen and paper, and stash your Coca-Cola Zero (or don't) because we're about to give you everything you need to know to choose the best SMS marketing software.

    Now we know what you're probably thinking: “Hey, Twilio, aren't you an SMS marketing platform, too?”

    Right you are, observant reader. And, naturally, we include ourselves in our list of the best SMS marketing platforms. However, we also recognize the merits and pros and cons of some of our competitors, and we know when one of them might be a better fit for your needs. We address all …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    SMSを利用したマーケティング〜入門 SMS Marketing for Beginners: How to Get Started JP

    この記事はコンテンツマーケティング担当のJesse Sumrakこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。








    まず、SMSとはショートメッセージサービスの …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    Bulk SMS Marketing: What It Is and How to Get Started Bulk SMS Marketing: What It Is and How to Get Started

    What do Short Message Service (SMS) marketing and Sam's Club have in common? Both know how to do bulk right.

    With SMS marketing, you can reach thousands or millions of your recipients with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time. You can even send in bulk at scale without losing any quality or efficiency.

    The same goes for shopping at Sam's Club. You can get everything you want in the quantities you need, saving you time and money.

    OK, Sam's Club metaphor aside, bulk SMS marketing (or text messaging) is a powerful way to engage with your audience on their mobile phones. In today’s business world, “58% of consumers say texting is the best way for businesses to reach them quickly,” as opposed to 21% who prefer phone calls and 21% who prefer email communications.

    "Bulk sending" gets a bad rap for sounding spammy, but …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    What Are Facebook SMS Notifications? How to Get Started What Are Facebook SMS Notifications? How to Get Started

    Short message service (SMS) is the second most popular communication channel (succeeded only by email). That explains why some social media users might want to receive their notifications via text rather than in-app or push notifications.

    To accommodate this preference, Facebook allows users to activate SMS notifications. This is a simple way for users to receive and respond to notifications regarding private messages, status updates, comments, tags, or profile changes.

    Below, we'll answer the following and other frequently asked questions:

    • What are Facebook SMS notifications?
    • Why use Facebook SMS notifications?
    • How to activate (and stop) SMS notifications?

    What are Facebook SMS notifications?

    Facebook SMS notifications are text messages sent to users to notify them about direct messages, comments, tags, status updates, or profile changes. Users can choose to receive browser or email notifications, too.

    Once you activate SMS notifications on Facebook, you can choose whether to receive notifications "Only about …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    SMS Verification: What It Is & How It Works SMS Verification: What It Is & How It Works

    Passwords get stolen every day. In 2018, hackers swiped 2.5 billion accounts—that amounts to around 6.85 million stolen passwords per day and 158 per second.

    Now, don't panic. That's why we have SMS verification.

    See, while passwords are relatively easy to steal, phones aren’t. Consumers lose around 70 million smartphones every year, and only 7% recover them.

    While that number might sound alarming (because it is), it's significantly less than 2.5 billion. With SMS verification enabled, a hacker would need your username, password, and access to your phone (and they might even need a password to unlock your phone).

    That's a lot of obstacles to access your sensitive online data.

    So back to SMS verification. What is it, how does it work, and how can you offer it to your customers?

    Great questions. We have answers down below.

    What is SMS verification?

    SMS verification lets websites, apps, banks, and …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    6 Ways to Grow Your SMS (Text) Marketing List 6 Ways to Grow Your SMS (Text) Marketing List

    Your SMS list is the lifeblood of your text marketing program. It's the frosting on your cake, and the sprinkles on your donut. Without a high-quality homegrown list, it doesn't matter how good your offers are or how clever your copy is—your texts won't convert.

    Unfortunately, building an organic SMS marketing list from the ground up takes time and hard work (like most good things in life). Many marketers bypass this process and buy text lists, only to find unengaged (and now disgruntled) recipients. For the record, purchasing a list is a big no-no.

    There are no shortcuts to gaining SMS marketing followers.

    If you want to grow your SMS list, you'll need to put in the effort. Fortunately for you, we have a few strategies to help accelerate your way to success.

    Below, we've outlined 6 tried-and-true tactics for growing an engaged SMS marketing list. Give these a try …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    SMS Marketing Pros & Cons: Why Your Business Should Use SMS SMS Marketing Pros & Cons: Why Your Business Should Use SMS

    SMS marketing is the next messaging frontier. When it comes to communication between customers and businesses, email and SMS are the most preferred channels. In fact, more than 39% of consumers prefer to receive SMS messages from companies—that's more than for mobile apps, social media channels, messaging apps, or phone calls.

    Yet, SMS is an untapped channel. While 83% of people received an SMS message from a business in 2020, only 70% of brands used the medium to communicate with customers or employees.

    If you're one of the businesses yet to embrace SMS marketing, this article is for you.

    Below, we'll walk you through the pros and cons you need to consider before adopting an SMS marketing strategy. First, let's look at why you should use SMS for marketing. Then, we'll briefly touch on different ways your business can use text marketing.

    Advantages of SMS marketing for businesses …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    SMS Marketing for Beginners: How to Get Started SMS Marketing for Beginners: How to Get Started

    SMS marketing is possibly the most intimate form of digital communication.

    Think about it.

    Today’s consumers are always on their phones. In fact, they touch their smartphones more than 2,600 times a day. That means they open and read more than 90% of SMS messages. Most of the time, they open SMS messages within 3 minutes of receiving them.

    You wouldn’t even get that high of an open rate if you went and physically knocked on all your customers’ doors.

    Consumers love their phones. Almost 50% of them even check their phones before they get out of bed in the morning. Now that’s accessibility.

    SMS marketing works. However, it takes a bit of know-how and application of best practices to do it right. We can help you with both.

    Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about SMS marketing: What it is, how it works, …

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