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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    Play TwilioQuest, Learn JavaScript, and Plant a Tree in March 2020 Copy of Event Template D 1200 x 628-8.png

    Today, Team TwilioQuest is thrilled to share the first installment of the JavaScript Test Lab, a fully rebuilt and reimagined set of fun challenges to introduce players to JavaScript. You can download TwilioQuest and play it right now! And as a bonus, trying out TwilioQuest and this new mission in the month of March will help plant a tree in support of reforestation efforts in Australia. Read on for more details about your new mission, and how to plant trees in Australia by playing TwilioQuest.

    A New Mission

    In the brand new JavaScript Test Lab mission, you will work with a team of scientists researching the energy-producing qualities of ducktypium, the mysterious source of JavaScript's power. Throughout the lab, you will hone your JavaScript skills as the research team reaches a critical phase of their project. However, when dealing with a power as raw and unstable as JavaScript, …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    TwilioQuest 3, the RPG for Developers, is Now Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs 5011-just-type.svg

    Today, we invite developers across The Cloud to hone their technical skills as an Operator in the top-secret TwilioQuest program. Chapter 1 of TwilioQuest 3, a role-playing game for PC, is now available for download.


    About the world of TwilioQuest 3

    More and more of our lives are lived inside the virtual worlds of computers. This universe, which we refer to as The Cloud, expands every second of every day. The ability to write code - the laws of these virtual worlds - has become a precious resource.

    There are those who would use the power of code to steal, deceive, and oppress. We know these evil forces as the Legacy Systems. From the shadows, they conspire to dominate the free people of The Cloud. Their wealth and privilege have carried them to the edge of victory, but one thing stands in their way - the …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    Operator's Manual #2 - Welcome Ryan and Soundtrack Updates zIjAn6Iw1-4nFNYjs2_r0e3WDFgl72l-zgROrEcLp5-L5Se0mlPqhd20RgXrVDn8OC4PFvSTKD3iVtMhbG2f967PRFeS8XNEDDr7Orm9nPReLIwnKtMIa2-8164uTTAm8bsLIP_r

    Want early access to TwilioQuest, and to be the first to know when the TwilioQuest team ships something new? Sign up to have the Operator's Manual newsletter delivered straight to your inbox!

    What’s up Operators,

    Thanks a ton to those of you who have participated in the TQ3 preview! Your early feedback has been incredibly valuable as we gear up for the first of many releases this summer. I wanted to drop a quick note to everyone to share some exciting updates from the team and another track from our work-in-progress soundtrack.

    Ryan Kubik

    Welcome Ryan Kubik!

    This week, I am thrilled to welcome Ryan Kubik to the TwilioQuest dev team! Ryan is a web developer whose experience building browser games with Phaser and complex UIs with React will provide a huge shot in the arm for our development efforts. You can meet him in person when you join us for the …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    Operator's Manual #1: Welcome to the TwilioQuest Program! TwilioQuest Early Access

    This is the first edition of a weekly newsletter on the development process for TwilioQuest, an upcoming PC game for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Sign up for early access to the game here, and the Operator’s Manual will be conveniently delivered to your inbox every week! You should also join us for the world premiere of TwilioQuest 3 during Superclass at SIGNAL, Twilio’s annual developer conference.

    What’s up Operators!

    Welcome to the first edition of the Operator’s Manual, a weekly newsletter intended to keep you all in the loop on the development process for TwilioQuest. Currently in a private preview, the next version of TwilioQuest will debut later this summer. You can sign up for early access right here.

    My name is Kevin Whinnery, and I'm the creator and lead developer of TwilioQuest. Very pleased to meet you! What I hope to do in the …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    Get Early Access to TwilioQuest 3, a PC RPG for Mac, Windows, and Linux TwilioQuest Early Access

    When we released the first version of TwilioQuest in 2013, developers had a great time leveling up their Twilio API skills and equipping rad loot on their (extremely primitive!) TwilioQuest avatar. A few years ago, we made it possible to participate in TwilioQuest even if you couldn’t join us for a live training event (BTW, you totally should). Today, we’d like to invite you to sign up to try a new version of TwilioQuest, which is unlike anything we’ve attempted before.

    The next incarnation TwilioQuest is a top-down role-playing game inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era, playable on desktop PCs. In TwilioQuest, you will assume the role of an Operator in the top-secret TwilioQuest program. This elite unit of programmers and explorers has assembled to take on a shadowy organization known as the Legacy Systems, whose goal is complete control of the virtual universe we …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    Celebrate Five Years of TwilioQuest at Hamilton in NYC, Chicago, and Charlotte TwilioQuest at TwilioCon 3

    It’s hard to believe that five years have gone by since the very first TwilioQuest hackers joined us for TwilioCon 3 in San Francisco. In those days, you had to join us in person to play TwilioQuest. Today, you can play TwilioQuest whenever you want - and we can think of no better way to celebrate five years of TwilioQuest than doing just that. It wouldn’t be much of a quest, though, if there wasn’t some rad loot to be won.

    To that end, we’re bringing back our Hack for Hamilton competition, where you can win tickets for you and a guest to be in the room where it happens in New York, Chicago, or Charlotte. To be eligible to win, you must playing TwilioQuest between now and 3pm Pacific time on Monday, October 29th.

    I am not throwing away my shot! How do I get started?

    Here are …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    Sign Up for the Twilio for Salesforce Preview! Twilio for Salesforce
    Did you know that Twilio.org offers credits and discounts for nonprofits and social enterprises? Learn more today.

    The crew at Twilio.org have noticed that nonprofits and social enterprises are growing ever more serious about data collection, measurement, and engagement with beneficiaries and donors. One of the most common tools we see organizations employing in those pursuits is Salesforce. With support from Salesforce.org, it’s no surprise that over 32,000 nonprofit organizations are using Salesforce to power mission-critical workflows.

    We decided it’s high time that Twilio provided first-class support for the administrators and developers building on the Salesforce platform. Today, we …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    How To: Set Up SMS Broadcasts in Five Minutes SMS Messages
    Do you work for a nonprofit or social enterprise? Sign up with Twilio.org for free API credits and discount pricing to increase your impact through effective communication.

    SMS messages are opened 98% of the time within minutes of being received. When you need to reach your constituents quickly and consistently, there’s no better medium than SMS.

    Imagine having a magic phone number your organization’s members, volunteers, or donors could text in to, signing up for timely SMS updates from organizers. Imagine being an organizer with the ability to reach all your subscribers, at once, from anywhere via SMS. Could that help your organization move faster or engage with your community more effectively?

    If you’ve got five minutes, you can set up such a phone number and find out. Follow along with the video tutorial below to learn how to deploy one of these phone numbers, without needing to write any …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    Handling High Volume Inbound SMS and Webhooks with Twilio Functions and Amazon SQS Incoming messages to SQS
    Do you or a developer you know code for a nonprofit or social enterprise? Twilio.org can help with API credit and discount pricing to increase your impact.

    When you use Twilio at scale, like our Twilio.org buddies DoSomething and Mobile Commons, webhooks can generate a significant amount of traffic to your web application. Each inbound message and status callback generate an HTTP request to your app. These requests add up quickly if you’re sending thousands or millions of messages, and can lead to traffic your application can’t easily support.


    Many advanced Twilio users quickly offload incoming webhook requests to a queue like SQS, so that they can process these incoming requests more …

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  • By Kevin Whinnery
    Learn How To Do X With Y Using New Twilio Guides Lear to do X with Y with Twilio Guides

    As developers, we know there are two truths in making great software on this Internet:

    1. The answer is out there somewhere.
    2. We need it now.

    Today, we’re launching a new documentation format called Guides aimed squarely at those two truths. Guides are digestible instruction for Twilio APIs on how to do common things with the haste demanded by the modern programmer. Along with this new content, you might also notice a few design upgrades in service of putting code first in your documentation.

    New Docs In Tasty Task Sized Morsels

    Want to track a conversation between two phone numbers in Ruby? Or gather DTMF tones in PHP? Or confirm the delivery of a message in C#?

    Guides gives you the inf …

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