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  • By Nathaniel Okenwa
    Live Transcribing Phone Calls using Twilio Media Streams and Google Speech-to-Text Live Transcribing Phone Calls using Twilio Media Streams and Google Speech-to-Text

    With Twilio Media Streams, you can now extend the capabilities of your Twilio-powered voice application with real time access to the raw audio stream of phone calls. For example, we can build tools that transcribe the speech from a phone call live into a browser window, run sentiment analysis of the speech on a phone call or even use voice biometrics to identify individuals.

    This blog post will guide you step-by-step through transcribing speech from a phone call into text, live in the browser using Twilio and Google Speech-to-Text with Node.js.

    If you want to skip the step-by-step instructions, you can clone my Github Repository and follow the ReadMe to get setup.


    Before we can get started, you’ll need to make sure to have:

    Setting up the Local Server

    Twilio Media Streams use the WebSocket …

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  • By Nathaniel Okenwa
    How I avoid getting trapped on the sweltering London Underground with Twilio and Azure Functions Sending SMS Reminders with Azure Functions, Twilio and Node - Blog Header

    There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the trains in London during rush hour when there are delays. Summer is wrapping up in London, but if you want to get a really cheap sauna experience, just head onto the Central Line during peak rush hours on a day when there are train delays. I know this because my miserable self has been trapped, sweltering on a tube with an armpit in my face, more times than I care to remember.

    Crowded Japanese Train

    If only there was a way that I could get a daily warning about the status of the tube lines I use to get to work every day. Well, thanks to Azure functions, Twilio SMS Output Bindings and the handy Transport for London (TFL) API I can make that a reality.

    Before We Begin

    Before we get started, this is what you need:

    • A Free Azure Account
    • An Azure …
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  • By Nathaniel Okenwa
    Create a Smart Voicemail with Twilio, JavaScript and Google Calendar 6RDc-eMExBn8vtkgQRwJxsbID95IbJXkGqac1ZoC8vMmh40ejzYE0H0RD1yoyU64-7sQHZwNABCgxkmymMgmiXigQvcqs5B4nelE6RkAneOPJ-DfU30ClMG24vUDqrHnZZH3jKQ1

    We’ve all been there, in an important meeting, you’ve forgotten to mute your phone and all eyes turn to you as you frantically search through your pockets to silence it. That feeling of embarrassment is only matched by the frustration of listening to your voicemail. I dread hearing the robotic voice telling me what numbers to press only to be presented with the sound of somebody hanging up the call.

    To take the hassle out of handling missed calls, today we are going to look at how to create a virtual office manager that is aware of your busy schedule, to handle calls and voice messages for you.

    What We Need

    • A Twilio Account (Get one here for Free)
    • A Twilio Phone Number
    • A Google Calendar
    • Google Calendar API Key

    Before We Begin

    To start off, we need to create a Google Project and enable the Google Calendar …

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  • By Nathaniel Okenwa
    Introducing Developer Evangelist Nathaniel Okenwa 8-vjtwKiohKskHdXTE63sbgsamqDebPSiIoTu22-wQW7mlcHsD2Mk2zXxXFah4txXXXh1F2z_64K_aJc0ilaRQCUlM-o01-y4IsjnnuySVvgK5wxN3gL551YHoOQzSC1LWh_2DtU

    As a child, my favourite TV show was the Power Rangers, my favourite being the Black Ranger from the Mighty Morphin series. My proudest possessions were the Power Rangers' bed sheets and curtains in my room. I loved the poses, flips, flying kicks and overall badassery on the show, and as soon as I got the chance I signed up to a kickboxing class. Let me tell you how I got from my first kickboxing class to working in Developer Evangelism.

    Power Rangers striking a pose

    Kicking Off

    On my first day of kickboxing training, some of the more experienced kickboxers led the session.   I felt so intimidated by the black belts doing advanced techniques while I could barely throw a jab. However, they created a warm friendly environment where my confidence grew and my skills soon followed.

    Fast forward to a few years later and I was competing in a National Championship match representing …

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