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  • By Rishab Kumar
    Introducing Developer Evangelist Rishab Kumar Rishab Kumar Evangelist Hero

    My curiosity has always taken me on some really good learning journeys, but I was often in trouble too, especially in my teens. I would take apart things, just to see how they work – whether an RC car, or a Playstation 2. Although scolded by my parents, I did find an interest – and it was computers.

    I still remember writing an HTML file and opening my file in the browser, to see what I could build. I remember the coolest thing I built was a basic calculator. Seeing it work... that feeling got me hooked.

    Education Phase

    After completing high school, I realized how competitive the Science & Technology field was (and how hard it was to secure a spot at a good University in India). So, I decided to take Computer Networking at St. Lawrence College, Kingston, packed my bags, and moved to Ontario, Canada.

    At St. …

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