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  • By Shashwat Johari
    Message Scheduling is Now in Public Beta Message Scheduling.png

    With millions of developers sending and receiving more than 100 billion messages on Twilio every year, we’re focused on releasing the software and developer-friendly APIs that make your job easier.

    One common request we heard was for the ability to schedule messages to be sent at a future date or time. With Message Scheduling, now in Public Beta, you can do just that! This is especially useful for common alerts and notifications use cases where you might wish to send a reminder or update a few days later. Using the Twilio Programmable Messaging API and the message scheduling Messaging Service feature, you can schedule SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp messages for a future date and time and let Twilio handle the rest. Best of all, the feature is included for free, along with other sender selection, integration, content, and compliance software functionality.

    Why we built Message Scheduling

    While many SMS or …

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  • By Shashwat Johari
    Streaming Studio Flow Executions with Event Streams Twilio Studio + Event Streams

    In this post, you will learn how to stream Twilio Studio Flow Executions with Twilio Event Streams. With Studio events being fully supported on Event Streams, you can now leverage webhooks to trigger external workflows or log steps in real-time as your Flow executes in Studio.

    Before Studio support for Event Streams you had two ways to achieve this:

    1. Adding HTTP Request widgets throughout your Flows to push events out to your external applications - This added complexity to the Flows and was largely a manual process.
    2. Polling the API’s Executions and Steps endpoints to retrieve complete logs for reporting - This required running batch jobs on a schedule to page through all the records and was a cumbersome process.

    So why is this useful?

    • It gives you additional options for triggering programmatic actions beyond a single webhook endpoint
    • It removes synchronous dependencies between your services and Twilio API …
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