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  • By Raphaël LE GORANDE
    Your First SMS Campaign in Less than 5 Minutes csv-marketing-campaigns

    Twilio is a unique platform offering flexible APIs to communicate on different channels, including SMS, using our Programmable SMS product. Generally, using our APIs requires programming.

    Your CRM or internal tools are not necessarily natively connected with Twilio. In this article, we will show you how to deploy and use a turnkey application to send your first SMS campaigns from data (numbers and variable fields) contained in a CSV file, all without writing a line of code.

    This application will be deployed on the Twilio Runtime platform, a serverless platform that makes it so you don't have to worry about hosting infrastructure.

    Solution: CSV to SMS Campaigns

    Below is a screenshot of the application we are going to use and the result for one of the recipients.

    CSV to SMS app

    This article describes how to set up and use the CSV to SMS application. Below is a video that explains how it works …

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  • By Alan Klein
    Wie registriere ich einen SIP-Client direkt bei Twilio Wie registriere ich einen SIP-Client direkt bei Twilio

    Hallo und danke fürs Lesen! Dieser Blogpost ist eine Übersetzung von Registering a SIP Phone Directly to Twilio (and so much more...).

    Mit Twilio Programmable Voice SIP Domains, manchmal auch SIP Interfaces genannt, können Sie Sprachanrufe über einen SIP-Endpunkt tätigen und empfangen, indem Sie sich direkt bei Twilio registrieren.

    Neben der Möglichkeit, sich direkt bei Twilio zu registrieren, haben Sie die Flexibilität, den Verbindungstyp zu wählen. Dies kann das herkömmliche öffentliche Telefonnetz (engl. Public switched telephone network PSTN), ein anderes registriertes SIP-Gerät (oft als SIP-Benutzeragent oder SIP-Client bezeichnet) oder sogar ein Endpunkt des Twilio Programmable Voice SDK sein.

    Darum geht es in diesem Blogbeitrag:

    • Registrierung eines SIP-Telefons direkt bei Twilio
    • Anrufe von einem registrierten SIP-Telefon tätigen und empfangen
    • Empfohlene Designansätze
    • Zwei verschiedene Methoden für die Bereitstellung von SIP-Domain-Telefonanrufen
    • Erläuterung der Vorteile von Twilio SIP-Domains

    Um diesem Artikel zu folgen, benötigen Sie:

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  • By Des Hartman
    Migrate from Twilio Elastic SIP to Programmable Voice Migrate from Twilio Elastic SIP to Programmable Voice

    Why migrate to Programmable Voice?

    Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking service automatically scales, up or down, to meet your traffic needs with unlimited capacity. Moving to Twilio’s Programmable Voice builds on the same underlying infrastructure, but gives you the power of building voice experiences with software control. With Programmable Voice you get the ability to build features such as IVRs, AI chat bots, near real-time voice transcription, Agent Assisted Payments, etc. Intelligently handling calls to increase deflection through self-service, before routing your calls to your existing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks, if you want to keep your existing SIP destinations makes your existing investments work even harder for you.


    • Existing Elastic SIP trunks
    • Working knowledge of how Elastic SIP Trunking is configured. If not, there's a great guide to learn more here
    • Access to the Twilio account with Elastic SIP trunk to be migrated
    • Working knowledge of Twilio …
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  • By Angela Wieber
    Identify Phone Number Line Type with Twilio Lookup to Alert Customers over SMS or Voice Lookup Line Type Hero

    Although landlines have been decreasing in popularity with the rise of mobile phones, some households continue to use them as a primary means of contact. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 10.4% of adults aged 65 and older have a landline alone without mobile service. This demographic is important to account for when sending critical alerts and time-sensitive notifications to customers.

    In this tutorial, we are going to build a demo that checks an end user’s phone number type and sends an instant alert as a voice call or SMS depending on whether the device is a landline or mobile. You can build this in the Twilio console or programmatically. We’ll use the console in this blog post.


    What we will build

    1. A Twilio Function that uses the Twilio Lookup API to determine a phone number line …
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  • By Hayden Powers
    Learn How to Use Twilio Functions by Building an SMS Measurement Converter for JavaScript Beginners How to use Twilio Functions JavaScript Beginners Header image

    There I was, in a desolate cabin with nothing except my maladaptive daydreams, 2G coverage, and ingredients for the only dish I had ever managed to write down splayed out on the countertops. There was just one problem. After desperately rummaging through the rental’s kitchen cabinets, I found only a single tablespoon hanging lonesomely on an otherwise empty ring.

    The proportions of ingredients were important in this dish, but I hadn’t actually sat down and memorized all the conversion rates before. Without internet service, not even Google could save me, but I did my best to eyeball it and make due.

    Someone about to eat but being disgusted by the smell of the food

    It turned out terrible, and I vowed to never be in such a predicament again.

    With some beginner-friendly JavaScript and hosting by Twilio Functions, we could make a measurement converter that can be used anywhere with cell service. In this tutorial, we will do just that! May our recipes …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    Twilio VerifyとTwilio Functionsによるサーバーレス電話認証 Serverless Verify

    この記事はTwilioデベロッパーエバンジェリストのKelley Robinsonが執筆したこちらの記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。日本語化作業時点(2022年8月)の状況に合わせて記事内のコードを一部、変更しています。


    ユーザーの電話番号を確認することで、不正の低減や通知の信頼性を高められます。今回は、TwilioのサーバーレスファンクションとTwilio Verify APIを使用してWebアプリケーションから電話番号を検証する方法を紹介します。


    Twilio Verifyをアプリケーションに追加するための前提条件


    Twilioコンソールで作成したVerifyサービスのService SID(先頭がVA)を控えておきます。

    Verify Service SID

    Twil …

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  • By Dainyl Cua
    Build a Hobby Recommender with Twilio Functions and the WikiMedia API Build a Hobby Recommender with Twilio Functions and the WikiMedia API

    In honor of National Anti-Boredom Month, I decided to build a bot that gives me suggestions for hobbies to pick up in the near future. Want to get hobby suggestions for yourself? Try texting any message to the number +1 (717) 942 - 9721, and see what you get!

    In this tutorial, you’ll see how I built the bot (aptly named HobbyBot) and learn how to build it yourself with Twilio Runtime, specifically Twilio Functions, and the WikiMedia API.


    To follow along to this tutorial, you will need:

    • A free or paid Twilio account. If you are new to Twilio, click here to sign up for a free Twilio account and get a $10 credit when you upgrade!
    • A Twilio phone number
    • A personal phone number

    Setting up your developer environment

    For this tutorial, you will only need to work with Twilio Functions. …

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  • By Hayden Powers
    How to Build a Low-Code SMS RSVP System with Airtable, Twilio Functions, and Twilio Studio How to build a low code SMS RSVP system with Airtable Twilio Functions and Twilio Studio

    Airtable is a great tool for prototyping applications that require a database. However, when using multiple API’s in an application, it can get complicated and tricky to juggle all the functions and parameters from different services.

    In this post, we will make a simple, serverless RSVP system with Twilio Functions and Twilio Studio that will scan an Airtable guest list for phone numbers, send a personalized message to each of them, and then update our Airtable records with the responses from each of the invitees as to whether or not they wish to confirm their attendance. Let’s get started!


    Before you begin, you will need a few things:

    Airtable setup and layout

    Let’s first start with what we need from …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    How to Call an AI Friend using GPT-3 with Twilio Voice and Functions How to call an AI friend Header

    I always used to find myself getting into unwanted social situations that I could never get out of. As the engineer I am, I decided it’d be fun to build and publish a quick solution to this using my toolbelt here at Twilio: How to Escape Pesky Situations using Twilio Functions and TwiML Bins. This solution allowed me to text my “friend” Joanna – an Amazon Polly voice – a key phrase which would trigger Joanna to call me and respond as if there was an emergency using a human-like synthesized speech.

    This solution then made me wonder what other fun ways Joanna could help me out. Since it’s also National Anti-Boredom Month (July), I started focusing on ways to tackle boredom and pass time.

    Gif of bored kid on couch

    Whether it’s walking home from the subway or waiting in line at the store I always find myself needing to kill time. I could …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Build an SMS Service to Contact Your Local Representatives with Twilio and SendGrid Contact your Local Representatives through SMS with Twilio Studio and SendGrid

    Communicating with local and elected officials is the way to go when effectively raising public concerns and voicing your opinions. With Twilio and SendGrid, finding your local officials and contacting them can be made seamless.

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to leverage Twilio Studio, Functions, and Programmable SMS to create an SMS service to find and grab contact information of your local representatives. You’ll also learn how to integrate the service with Twilio SendGrid to directly email an official through SMS. Google’s Civic Information API will be used to fetch local representative info.

    Let’s get started!

    If you’re looking to build a similar SMS service but with C#/.NET, check out this Twilio blog: Find your U.S. Representatives and Congressional Districts with SMS and ASP.NET Core


    What you’ll need for this tutorial:

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