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Laravel posts

  • By Kenneth Ekandem
    How to Integrate Laravel With ElastiCache on AWS How to Integrate Laravel With ElastiCache On AWS(1)

    ElastiCache, also known as Amazon ElastiCache, is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform that provides an in-memory data store and cache service with compatibility support for Redis and Memcache. ElastiCache was built to inject speed into web applications by replacing disk-based data retrieval with a much faster in-memory alternative.

    The whole purpose of caching data is to reduce server latency. To achieve this, an in-memory key-value pair is a great option due to its fast data retrieval. Let's imagine you are building an app that performs complex queries (such as multiple joins) to the database and some additional calculations on the server.

    Unless the data is cached, the response from the server might be slow because of the multiple-join queries to a disk-based database, and the additional computation is done on the server. But, if the data is cached on the first retrieval (that is, fetching from the database …

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  • By Kenneth Ekandem
    Pub/Sub in Laravel - An In-depth Understanding Pub/Sub in Laravel -  An In-depth Understanding

    What is Pub/Sub?

    Pub/Sub is a message-driven software design pattern that facilitates communication between complex system components through an efficient communication mechanism that utilises message passing. In a typical pub/sub system, there is the producer (publisher) who creates a message to be sent out to Subscribers.

    The Producers do not explicitly fashion the messages for specific consumers, but instead, messages in the system are grouped into categories and the consumers indicate interest in a specific group of messages without caring about the creators of the messages as seen in the image below.

    A simplistic pub/sub flow diagram

    In a typical distributed real-time system setting where each component of the system performs a specific task without knowing about other parts of the system, pub/sub comes in handy because it decreases communication complexity for the parties involved. A component generates a message at the end of its task and passes it to the appropriate channel. The next …

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  • By Matthew Setter
    Create an Artisan Command to View Twilio Calls Create an Artisan Command to View Twilio Calls

    Laravel's Artisan Console provides a wealth of helpful commands to assist with all manner of tasks when building and managing Laravel applications. It can clear the application and configuration cache, create all manner of classes, generate the application's key, manage database migrations, and so much more.

    In this tutorial, you're going to learn how to create a custom Artisan command to list the voice calls you've made on your Twilio account and print the call information in tabular form.


    To follow along with this tutorial, you will need the following:

    Create a new Laravel project

    The first thing to do, if you don't already have an existing Laravel application, is to generate a new one using Composer. To do so, run the …

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  • By Kenneth Ekandem
    How to Use MongoDB in Laravel Lumen How to Use MongoDB in Laravel Lumen

    As consumers demand more access to apps and services, developers pursue new ways to make data structuring and querying more effective, in order to reduce response times.

    This demand has inadvertently led to a migration from Structured Query Language (SQL) to Non-structured Query Language (NoSQL) for database interactions. For applications that require data to be stored in one place and accessed once without creating relationships, this leads to faster querying.

    One of the most widely adopted versions of NoSQL is MongoDB, an open-source document-based database used for cross-platform document-oriented database programming.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to use MongoDB in a Laravel Lumen application, to store, edit, and read data.


    In order to complete this tutorial you will need access to the following:

    1. Basic knowledge of PHP
    2. Basic experience with Laravel and Lumen
    3. Basic experience with MongoDB
    4. PHP 8.0 or higher, with the mongo-db extension
    5. A …
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  • By Funke Olasupo
    GmailのSMTPサーバーを利用してLaravel 8でメールを送信する GmailのSMTPサーバーを利用してLaravel 8でメールを送信する

    この記事はFunke Olasupoこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。







    また、Laravelが対応しているMailgun、Amazon SES、Postmark、そしてTwilioSendGridなど、メールドライバーのいずれかを利用することも可能です。様々な方法がありますが、このチュートリアルでは、LaravelでGmailのSMTPサーバーを利用してメールを送信する方法を説明します。

    以下では、ニュースレターを登録するためのAPIを作成します。ユーザーは、ニュースレターへの登録にあたり、メールアドレスを送信します。すると、そのメールアドレスが …

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  • By Brian Iyoha
    LaravelとTwilioでSMSポータルを作る方法 LaravelとTwilioでSMSポータルを作る方法

    この記事はBrian Iyohaこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。



    このチュートリアルでは、TwilioのProgrammable SMSとLaravelを使用してSMS通知ポータル(管理画面)を作成する方法をご紹介します。







    • Laravelの基礎知識。
    • ローカルマシンにインストールされたLaravel
    • グローバルにインストールされたComposer
    • ローカルマシンに設定されたMySQL
    • Twilioのアカウント。Twilioホームページをブラウザで開き、[今すぐ無料サインアップ]ボタンをクリックするか、Twilioアカウントの作成リンクからサインアップします。このリンクを使用するとアカウントのアップグレード時に$10( …
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  • By Lloyd MIller
    Create a Peer-to-Peer Payment App With Laravel and Stripe Create a Peer-to-Peer Payment App With Laravel and Stripe

    Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment systems have become a huge part of our lives in the past decade. For example, PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App have become a part of internet lingo, just like Google. P2P is so important that social media and communication apps, such as Snapchat, WeChat, and Facebook, have incorporated these features in recent years.

    In this tutorial, you'll create a P2P payment app called "Twilmo" that will be based on the RILT architecture (React, Inertia, Laravel, and Tailwind CSS) and backed by Stripe. Even though it's named "Twilmo", it will be very simplistic, and will not incorporate most of the features that are in Venmo.

    The beautiful thing about this is that by the end you should have a good idea of how to expand the app to incorporate more advanced features.


    To follow this tutorial, you will need the following: …

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  • By Michael Okoh
    Laravel PHPでRESTful APIを構築する方法 Laravel PHPでRESTful APIを構築する方法

    この記事はMichael Okohこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    ソーシャルネットワークから銀行アプリケーションまで、現代社会は多くのAPIで動いています。本稿では、Laravel PHPを使ってRESTful APIと、それを実装するアプリケーションを構築する方法について学びます。



    • PHP 7.1以降
    • Composer
    • MySQL
    • Laravel 5.6以降
    • Postman


    本稿では、学生に関するデータを取り扱うCRUD APIを構築します。CRUDは、Create(作成)、Read(読み取り)、Update(更新)、Delete(削除)を意味します。このAPIには、次のエンドポイントがあります。

    • GET /api/studentsは、すべての学生レコードを返し、GETリクエストを受け入れます。
    • GET /api/students/{id}は、学生レコードのidを参照して学生レコードを返し、GETリクエストを受け入れます。
    • POST /api/studentsは、新しい学生レコードを作成し、POSTリクエストを受け入れます。
    • PUT /api/students/{id}は、学生レコードのidを参照して既存の学生レコードを更新し、PUTリクエストを受け入れます。
    • DELETE /api/students/{id}は、学生レコードのidを参照して学生レコードを削除し、DELETE …
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  • By Funke Olasupo
    How to Customize Email Verification and Password Resets in Laravel How to Customize Email Verification and Password Resets in Laravel

    Email verification and password resetting are two integral authentication features of modern applications. In most web apps, users usually reset their lost passwords, however, they must also verify their email address before accessing the web app for the first time.

    Laravel provides handy, built-in services for sending and verifying email verification requests,and securely resetting passwords. But in this tutorial, you will learn how to create custom email verification and reset passwords in Laravel.


    Email verification and resetting passwords at a glance

    A password reset option is required whenever you add login and signup functionality for user authentication. Doing so, whenever users forget their password they have the means to reset it. As part of this process, there will usually be a token in the reset link, and that token …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Laravelアプリケーションでリポジトリパターンを使う方法 Laravelアプリケーションでリポジトリパターンを使う方法

    この記事はOluyemi Olususiこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。





    データベース関連のロジックを一箇所で管理することにより、コードの構成を整理したり、重複を避けることにもつながります。このようなメリットは小規模のプロジェクトではすぐに …

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