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Get Early Access to TwilioQuest 3, a PC RPG for Mac, Windows, and Linux

TwilioQuest Early Access

When we released the first version of TwilioQuest in 2013, developers had a great time leveling up their Twilio API skills and equipping rad loot on their (extremely primitive!) TwilioQuest avatar. A few years ago, we made it possible to participate in TwilioQuest even if you couldn’t join us for a live training event (BTW, you totally should). Today, we’d like to invite you to sign up to try a new version of TwilioQuest, which is unlike anything we’ve attempted before.

The next incarnation TwilioQuest is a top-down role-playing game inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era, playable on desktop PCs. In TwilioQuest, you will assume the role of an Operator in the top-secret TwilioQuest program. This elite unit of programmers and explorers has assembled to take on a shadowy organization known as the Legacy Systems, whose goal is complete control of the virtual universe we know as The Cloud. Learn more about the world of TwilioQuest on the game's launch page, and check out the announcement trailer below.

Early access to TwilioQuest begins today! Sign up for early access here. Signing up for early access will also sign you up for The Operator’s Manual, a weekly newsletter from the TwilioQuest dev team about the tools and technologies we’re using, and what features are coming out next for players. Signing up will also let you access a work-in-progress track from the TwilioQuest soundtrack, which will feature original work from a hand-picked group of our favorite independent chiptune artists.

The first chapter of TwilioQuest will launch worldwide this summer. Free forever, TwilioQuest will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop PCs, and will be downloadable through your favorite PC game distribution platforms. The summer launch will be the first step on a years-long journey to build a game and an educational experience we hope you will love, far beyond just being a fun way to learn about Twilio.

So suit up Operator - the free people of The Cloud need your help. Lucky for them, you are more than up to the challenge!

Learn more about TwilioQuest and request early access here!

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