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Client Insights preview API shutdown Deprecated

The beta for Client Insights ended on August 5, 2019 and was superseded by the general availability of Voice Insights. The Client Insights Dashboard was removed from Console at that time, though we have continued to respond to requests made to the preview API. Twilio will cease responding to API requests to preview resources on May 1, 2020. Any HTTP requests to preview resources after this date will result in a 404 response from the API.

If your application is currently making requests to any of the preview API endpoints described below, you will need to migrate to the new Voice Insights API endpoints.

 Preview API Endpoint URI Superseded by
 Client Summary{call_sid}/SummarySummary API
 Client Events{call_sid}/EventsEvents API
 Client Metrics{call_sid}/MetricsMetrics API
 Client Reports N/A

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