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Increase in Default Room and Participant Concurrency Limits GA

We continue to invest in infrastructure improvements to provide scale and high reliability for our customers, and today we are excited to increase both the default maximum concurrent Room limit to 10,000 as well as the maximum concurrent Participant limit to 10,000 for Group and Peer-to-Peer Rooms. 

The maximum concurrent Room threshold limits the number of Rooms that can be in-flight at the same time while the max concurrent Participant threshold limits the number of Participants that can be connected to your rooms at the same time. Both limits operate independently at the account level.

You can view your account room limit and participant limit in the Console under Room Settings. If a limit is reached, an error code (53119, 53206) is returned and it is also displayed in the Console Debugger. If your account limits were previously above 10,000, they will remain unchanged. 

The default limits are designed to give developers ample room to grow while ensuring runaway issues get caught quickly. If you need to increase your account limits beyond the default maximum concurrent Room or maximum concurrent Participant limit, please contact Sales.