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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

IP Commands for Super SIM is now in Public Beta Beta

IP Commands for Super SIM® is now in Public Beta. IP Commands are a secure and lightweight solution to send UDP messages from your cloud to your Super SIM enabled devices. A cellular network typically has firewalls that block incoming connections from the Internet to the devices attached to it. This means that if your IoT device is using a cellular connection to connect to the Internet or your cloud, you can’t reach the device until the device sets up an outbound connection to your cloud. IP Commands provides a solution for this by allowing you to send the message to Twilio via the IP Commands API, which we then convert into an IP/UDP datagram and forward to the device. 

IP Commands work in both directions. We also support Mobile Originated (MO) IP Commands from the device to the cloud. MO IP Commands can either be sent as a response to an IP Command received by the device or even as an unsolicited message originated by the device.

IP Commands are already enabled for your devices using Super SIM. To use IP Commands, please refer to the API documentation and a tutorial on using IP Commands.