Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Programmable Video

New Video Troubleshooting Tools Beta

To help developers troubleshoot their applications at scale we are releasing three new Video troubleshooting tools. The first is a console tool called the Video Log Analyzer. It provides detailed information about Video Rooms and Participants. This can be used to quickly investigate Room and Participant issues that occurred in the past 2 days for WebRTC Go Rooms and 7 days for all other Rooms types. 

The second is the RTC Diagnostics SDK 1.0.0-beta2, which provides test functions to allow developers troubleshoot camera, microphone, speaker, and network issues. This SDK is a general purpose WebRTC SDK and does not rely on Twilio infrastructure. Developers can incorporate it into their applications for pre-call testing or troubleshooting user issues. The source code and information on using the SDK is available here

Finally, the Video JavaScript SDK 2.8.0-beta1 contains a new preflight API to specifically test the connectivity to the Twilio Cloud. It can identify signaling and media connectivity issues and provides a report at the end of the test. Developers can use this API to troubleshoot user connectivity issues. To learn more, see the changelog here and see it in action in our quick deploy video app here