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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Usage Insights by SIM for Super SIM in Console Beta

The new Usage by SIM tab added to Super SIM Insights displays a per-SIM breakdown of your Super SIM data usage. Each row in the table shows how much data a SIM downloaded or uploaded and the total amount. Because the rows are sorted by total amount, you can easily identify which of your Super SIMs have exchanged the most data over a specified time period. View the top entries in the table to quickly single out any outliers. Filter the results by Fleet, Country, or Network to further slice-and-dice your usage.

In addition, the rightmost column contains spending information for each record. This data allows you to better understand your per-device spend on Super SIM usage. You can draw various insights, such as which of your SIMs have incurred the highest costs. It is particularly helpful to decouple data consumption and monetary spend into separate entries because different networks charge different rates. As such, although one SIM might be consuming less data than the other, it could still have incurred higher costs if it were operating on a more expensive network.  

Access Usage Insights by SIM in Console via Monitor > Insights > Super SIM and select the “Usage by SIM” tab.