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Build a Rapid Response Kit with Voice Conference and Broadcasting

Help your company stay organized with two helpful features - voice conference and broadcast. In a few minutes, you can build a moderated conference line that allows people to listen, speak or moderate during the call. Voice Broadcasting allows you to immediately broadcast a pre-recorded voice message to a list of contacts.

This tutorial and sample application are inspired by the Rapid Response Kit, built by Twilio and used all over the world by organizations who need to act quickly in disastrous situations.

Find your language and framework of choice below to get to the source code in your language and follow step-by-step instructions to learn how to build conference and broadcast apps yourself

In this tutorial, we'll walk through building a Rapid Response Kit with a Voice Conference line and Voice Broadcasting. Aid workers can use the tools in this app to communicate immediately with a large group of volunteers. In situations where all parties need to talk at once, the organizer can quickly spin up a conference line. In other situations, an organizer can broadcast a spoken message to a list of volunteer phone numbers.

Kat King
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