Build and Deploy Episode 2: Creepy and Cute IoT with Christine Sunu

October 26, 2020
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Build and Deploy with Liz Moy Episode 2 with Guest Christine Sunu

Build and Deploy with Liz Moy is a curiosity-driven podcast that explores the lives of people who create things with code. In this episode we dive into a conversation with a creative who makes things with code, hardware, soldering irons, and even, on occasion, faux fur.

Christine Sunu is a maker who designs and builds technology with emotive, human-centered interfaces. (She also happens to be IoT developer engagement manager at Twilio). We talked about, an IoT Sourdough Starter Monitor, which monitors your bread’s temperature, humidity, and rise, so you know how it’s growing and when it needs to be fed.

Her project was featured on The Verge and Mashable, uses Twilio Narrowband and can be easily attached to the top of a washable canning jar. We also talked about ways people can get started with their own IoT projects and you can get some more ideas from her latest blog post.