Connect your Genesys Cloud account to Twilio to send SMS

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December 13, 2023
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SMS in the contact center is an endlessly valuable tool. You can send timely updates and notifications to your customers, provide follow-ups after interactions, or chat in real-time or asynchronously to offer support. The ability to communicate with a customer on their channel of choice is fundamental to great service.

Genesys Cloud is a contact center application, and you now have the ability to connect your own Twilio account to it for sending and receiving SMS with Twilio Messaging.

Follow along to quickly configure Genesys Cloud BYO SMS with Twilio.


You won’t need a lot to get started.

Different countries, territories, and carriers have different registration requirements for phone numbers. You’ll need to fulfill the requirements for the number type you purchase before continuing the integration.

Provision your Genesys webhook

Before importing your Twilio numbers into Genesys, you first need to provision your Genesys webhook and add it to your phone number configuration.

Find the Genesys Cloud webhook URL for your region

Now, go to your Twilio console and open up the configuration for your phone number.

Scroll down to Messaging Configuration and set A message comes in to Webhook and paste in your Genesys webhook.

A Message Comes In Webhook

Sending in the USA?

If you are using US 10DLC numbers and have completed your A2P10DLC registration then your numbers and registration will be tied within a Twilio Messaging Service. In this case, ensure that your Messaging Service has Defer to sender’s webhook selected in the Integration menu, and configure your phone number as per above.

Select 'Defer to sender's webhook'


Set up BYO SMS for Twilio

Time to open up Genesys Cloud and visit the Admin menu. Under Integrations, locate the Bring Your Own Twilio SMS Account Configuration tile and select Install.

If you cannot locate the Twilio SMS tile, you may need to add it from the Genesys App Foundry

Bring Your Own SMS tile for Twilio in Genesys Cloud

Open Configuration and then Credentials, and enter in your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token.

Click OK, Save, and set to Active.

Now your Twilio account and your Genesys account are connected. The only thing left is to import your Twilio phone number.

In Genesys Cloud, go to Admin > Message > SMS Number Inventory. Then, choose Add Numbers and Import.

Import Twilio SMS numbers to Genesys Cloud

From the integration list select Twilio, then enter in your number type (either Local, Mobile, or Toll Free) and then type in your Twilio phone number in E.164 format.

If you are importing a Short Code, you will also need to enter the country from the drop down box.

Click Confirm Import and Genesys will load your Twilio numbers into its inventory. For more information see Managing your SMS number inventory.

Even after importing, your phone numbers are still managed and controlled from your Twilio console, and can still be used for other things, such as voice.

SMS inventory after importing

Configure your queue for SMS interactions

Now that your Twilio number is available in Genesys Cloud, we need to configure it for inbound and outbound routing. To do this, we will configure two things: a Message Routing Flow to handle inbound traffic and a linked queue to enable agent-initiated outbound traffic.

Begin by going to Admin > Routing > Message Routing.

Create a new flow to direct inbound messages to the appropriate queue.

Pick the correct queue in Genesys

Once your flow is saved, go to the Message Routing page and under Addresses, click + and select the phone number to add it to the inbound flow.

Choosing inbound routing flow in Genesys


In your Genesys Cloud console, go to Admin > Contact Center > Queues

Open the settings for the queue that you wish to add your SMS capabilities to. Select the Message tab and add a new outbound SMS number. Add in your newly provisioned Twilio number and click Save.

Queue in Genesys Cloud

This will enable you to send outbound SMS from this queue.

Send a test message

Now it’s time to try it out. Let’s send a test message to ourselves.

Go to your Genesys Cloud console, create a new interaction and choose SMS.

Select your configured queue and enter your own phone number to send to.

Make sure you enter the number in E164 format. If you have Genesys Cloud integrated with a CRM and are pulling the phone numbers from there, make sure that the CRM has numbers saved in the correct format.

Select Compose and begin writing your message. Click Send.

Compose and send a Twilio SMS in Genesys Cloud

Once your message comes through, you can try replying to it also.

And there you have it, your Genesys Cloud platform is configured to use your Twilio account for SMS. You are now free to proactively reach out to your customers, and allow them to contact you on their preferred channel. All of this will enable you to provide an even better customer experience.

But wait, there’s more…

If you are sending to Australia, Singapore, or other selected countries, you can utilize a different sending option: Alphanumeric sender IDs, also called alpha senders.

Read on to learn how to configure alpha senders in your Genesys Cloud account.

Alpha Senders for Selected Countries

Alpha senders are a great way to provide brand recognition, and build trust with your customers. Genesys Cloud does not offer alpha senders as an option in the number inventory, however Twilio is still able to support alpha senders to some countries via this integration.

Countries such as Australia require pre-registration in order to enable alpha senders, and as part of this process Twilio applies a sender override for the destination country. This means that regardless of which number you send from, if the message is going to a country with alpha sender configuration the message will appear from the alpha sender, NOT the phone number.

SMS sent from Genesys Cloud with Twilio

In order to configure an alpha sender for your Genesys Cloud instance, follow the above steps to connect your Twilio account and import a phone number.

The number you choose is not relevant here. We recommend selecting a US mobile number. If you do not intend to send to the USA via this number then you do not need to complete A2P 10DLC registration.

Next, complete the pre-registration in your Twilio console for your desired country. It may take a few business days for your registration to be completed. Once it is, you will receive an email from Twilio support advising that your alpha sender is configured on your account.

Any messages you send to the specified country will come from the alpha sender. Messages to countries that do not require alpha sender registration will be sent from the phone number that you imported.


  • Alpha senders are 1-way only, meaning customers cannot reply to any messages.
  • Customers must be able to opt-out of messaging. We recommend that you insert an opt-out URL at the end of messages.
  • As pre-registered alpha senders are applied as an account override at the Twilio level, you will not be able to send any messages from a long code to that country from that Twilio account. If you need to have both alpha senders and long codes available, you must configure your alpha sender in a Twilio sub account, and complete the Genesys Cloud BYO SMS integration for that account as well.
  • This configuration option is only available for direct Twilio customers. If you are an ISV please speak to sales.

The full list of supported countries for alpha sender configuration in Genesys Cloud can be found here, and are marked as Yes - Registration Required.

Countries that support alpha senders but do not require registration are not eligible for this configuration.

Keen to learn more? Check out the Twilio Docs for more great resources on how to use messaging to its full potential.

Courtney Harland is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Twilio, with over 10 years of experience in the Contact Centre industry. As a proud millennial, she has a vested interest in helping businesses improve their messaging capabilities, so that she doesn’t have to use the phone. She can be reached at charland [at]