EMEA SIGNAL 2022 Highlights and Session Replays

November 03, 2022
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It is that time of the year where developers, customers, and Twilions come together to share the latest trends and developments around customer engagement. We have some great customer sessions and announcements during this year's Developer & Customer Engagement Conference - SIGNAL 2022.

In this blog I want to give you an overview of the key highlights and trends and point you in the right direction to get all the details needed to get started or expand your customer engagement strategy with Twilio.

1. Remove pain points from user verification

Twilio can help with a passwordless, friction-free and more secure user journey and improve the customer experience during an authentication and verification process.

Introducing Twilio Silent Network Authentication: At SIGNAL, we announced that Silent Network Authentication (SNA) is now in public beta. SNA is a new channel available in Twilio Verify. It is a SIM-based technology that authenticates real users in real time, without compromising security or user experience. The best thing about it is that it doesn't require one-time-passcodes.  Finally – A truly passwordless verification solution! Learn more about Twilio Silent Network Authentication

Introducing Verify Fraud Guard (now generally available): When a business operates globally, there is a heightened risk of fraud. One of these types of fraud is SMS Pumping or SMS Toll Fraud and like many SMS fraud attacks, SMS traffic pumping is on the rise. The bad actors intend to make money and steal information, which causes global businesses with large numbers of customers to become the target of these criminals. The fraudsters send the SMS to numbers they control and receive a share of the fraudulently-generated SMS revenue.

We’ve talked to businesses who have been exposed to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent charges as a result of SMS traffic pumping. To minimize the risk of fraudulent behavior, you can now turn on the Verify Fraud Guard inside Verify. This enables you to automatically detect this type of fraud. To take advantage of this feature, every global business using Programmable Messaging for verification use cases, should upgrade to Twilio Verify. Learn more about Twilio Verify Fraud Guard!

2. Deliver efficient service, without human connection with Dialogflow CX

During SIGNAL,Twilio announced the public beta of the native integration of Twilio Voice with Google Cloud DialogFlow CX, which is a key part of the Google Cloud CCAI and Twilio partnership.  This Voice integration with DialogFlow CX allows our customers to deploy conversational virtual agents through IVRs to handle common issues and improve call deflection.

Virtual agents can use real-time sentiment analysis to better identify why customers are calling in, helping solve issues quickly without human intervention. With Twilio Flex, Twilio Voice and Google CCAI, organizations can provide 24/7 customer service, while being able to serve over 30+ languages by utilizing these virtual agents, all while meeting key business goals and evolving with the dynamic digital market demands.

Click here to learn more about Twilio Flex and our Google CCAI partnership, and the new announcements.

3. Identity resolve customer profiles and activate valuable data with Segment Profiles Sync and Reverse ETL

We announced a lot of exciting product launches for Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) at SIGNAL. Here’s a recap and when they’ll be available in EMEA.

Profiles Sync makes Twilio Segment’s identity-resolved customer profiles portable. It syncs customer profiles to the data warehouse, giving data teams the foundation they need to create valuable audiences in the data warehouse that power personalized customer experiences. Watch this space, it will be available to EMEA customers early next year! Learn more.

Reverse ETL makes activating valuable data stored in the data warehouse, easy and automatic. Connect to and start syncing data to downstream tools such as Google Ads or Salesforce from your supported cloud data warehouse within minutes. It will be available to EMEA customers for public beta in December 2022! Learn more.

4. Engage customers in real time with a unified, data-first marketing solution

Twilio Engage was announced at Signal! It puts the power of a native CDP and omnichannel together in marketers’ hands to deliver personalization at scale. This means you can start building a complete view of your customers with profiles and audiences, and engage in real time with them. You can activate Twilio Engage with two packages: Foundations and Premier. Twilio Engage Foundations includes Audiences and Journeys, Profiles, and Connections. Twilio Engage Premier supplements that package with native channels for SMS and email. Foundations is available internationally, while the Premier package is currently only available to US and LATAM customers. Learn more

Highlight and Keynote sessions:

EMEA Customer Sessions:

Sign up to watch the replays of our EMEA customer sessions. Our customers share some great insights on different Twilio use cases. Learn how Audibene is using Twilio Flex, IoT and video to provide a better hearing aid experience to customers. Listen to how Douglas shapes the next gen B2C customer engagement with Twilio Sendgrid to improve their email deliverability.

Other customer highlights include sessions from rapidly growing green tech mobility disruptor Flix (formerly known as Flixbus) on their five best practices for a conversational IVR with Twilio or how the global bank Natwest is transforming customer interactions.

Reach more people. Drive greater change.

One of the Twilio.org highlight sessions talks about how the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies used SMS, WhatsApp, and other digital tools to provide cash assistance to those affected by the war in the Ukraine.

Twilio.org supports nonprofits, social enterprises, healthcare, and education institutions serving half a billion people every year with Twilio technology and funding.

In today's uncertain times, we are grateful that we have humanitarian organizations such as the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies with their volunteers who help people in need. Thanks to technology that is easy and fast to integrate, those organizations are able to act quickly and provide help where needed.

Want to watch the sessions in full length? Sign up for SIGNAL 2022 (psssst…also available on-demand in case you missed SIGNAL)