Voice Intelligence

Turn customer calls into actionable data insights with machine learning

Identify and extract important signals from unstructured voice calls at scale. Voice Intelligence brings call transcription and AI-powered language operators together in a single powerful tool.

Image of Twilio voice intelligence being used on the recording of a call with a banking customer. It is counting the number of times the customer says the name of a regional bank or raises an interest rate objection.

Uncover valuable business intelligence from your voice calls

Quality management

Replace random call selection with automated, data-driven processes to improve operational efficiency and agent performance.

  • Analyze 100% of calls

  • Give QA teams the tools to uncover key insights in near real time

  • Prioritize scalable initiatives like targeted agent scripting campaigns

  • Leverage call transcripts to analyze, measure, and improve agent performance

  • Make and measure incremental changes to improve the customer experience

Develop data-driven processes with Twilio Intelligence for Voice

How it works

How does Twilio Voice Intelligence work?

Take previously inaccessible voice call data and turn them into useful content that unlocks consistent, scalable, and highly personalized experiences.

  • Turn voice calls into highly accurate transcripts

    • Benefit from best-in-class accuracy for speech recognition

    • Pull in 3rd-party recordings

    • Improve signal value over time with adaptive transcription models

    • Support for English (U.S.) available now—additional languages coming in Q1 2024

Voice Intelligence FAQ

Questions about Voice Intelligence

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Turn your unstructured voice calls into actionable insights

Twilio Voice Intelligence makes it easy to act on voice data with one convenient, AI-driven tool.