Twilio Flex, now powered by AI and real-time data

August 23, 2023
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is using vast amounts of data to transform how human beings and organizations engage with each other. It’s no surprise that 95% of orgs agree that demand for customer experience is driving rapid integration of touchpoints that unite real-time customer data with AI and analytics according to the 2023 NTT Customer Experience Report.

The quality of data and your ability to activate relevant information about your customers is key to differentiating your business. First-party customer data that is orchestrated in real-time can provide AI with information to differentiate every virtual and human engagement.

Imagine a virtual personal shopper that understands exactly what you’re looking for to simplify self-discovery and empower contact center agents to deliver hyper personalized experiences. Every time you interact, your experience is curated to your specific preferences.

Knowing and treating your customer better than the competition should be your competitive advantage. That’s where Twilio can help.

Twilio provides an industry leading communications and data platform that empowers your organization to personalize experiences, optimize AI, and create strong relationships with customers. Today, at SIGNAL 2023 we are giving a first look at Flex Unify,* which will provide contact centers with a golden customer profile that uses real-time data to deliver hyper-personalization across virtual interactions and agent conversations.

Flex Unify and the golden customer profile

Flex Unify will use real-time data collection and activation to unify multiple backend enterprise systems, providing a customer profile that can be updated on the fly.

Going far beyond exposing static customer identifier fields like phone number and email addresses, Flex Unify will deliver relevant real-time data such as recent website click streams, ad impressions, plus recent purchases and returns. Automatically, this data is used to generate inferred traits such as churn risk and lifetime value. This in turn influences routing strategies and cross-sell/upsell guidance to agents, maximizing conversions and loyalty.

This is the golden customer profile.

Historically, agents needed to stitch information together by accessing multiple tabs in their desktop. Your contact center and sales solution should filter data and provide your customer-facing teams with information that is relevant to the specific interaction they’re having.

Your AI should then collect data from every interaction to enrich your customer profile and inform how you re-engage moving forward. At Twilio, we like to call this the virtuous cycle of customer engagement. Every interaction deepens your understanding of the customer and how you engage moving forward.

AI, powered by real-time data

The data you provide your contact center’s AI workflows is what optimizes your customer and agent experience. That’s why Twilio announced CustomerAI in June of 2023, to provide an open and extensible technology layer that differentiates how AI impacts your customer engagement.

CustomerAI will integrate with Flex Unify to deliver hyper-personalized experiences across virtual interactions and agent conversations. The golden profile provides inferred traits and predictive traits—data that is based on a customer’s previous activity with a business—that your AI needs to manage a personalized conversation, route to the appropriate agent, and provide recommended responses tailored to this specific customer.

CustomerAI and Flex Unify will provide the data and automations to optimize every aspect of the customer journey, wherever the interaction takes place. You can connect customer-facing employees with the necessary channels, data, and AI to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Blend in-store and online customer experiences

Every conversation with a customer should be driven by the data collected from previous interactions. The inferred traits and predictive traits available can be used by in-store employees to better understand customers and personalize shopping experiences. This connects In-store and online interactions.

Twilio Flex is excited to announce during our SIGNAL 2023 customer and developer conference Flex Mobile*, launching in beta later this year. Now, your employees have the power of Flex, in the palm of their hand.

Connect your field sales, branch employees, and contact center agents with the power of 1:1 communications and an intuitive app experience to simplify communication with customers. Flex Mobile powers a wide range of use cases:

  1. Financial services. Integrate channels and mobile experience to empower branch and remote client-facing teammates to build strong relationships with local customers using compliant communications. Increase employee productivity while blending human and digital conversations to provide a differentiated experience.
  2. Retail. Provide every customer with a personalized experience that was previously reserved for luxury brands. Use customer preferences and previous purchases to connect in-store and online shopping experiences for every shopper.
  3. Logistics. Connect field sales and service teams with relevant customer information and preferences that can be used to personalize in-person interactions.

Provide customers and agents with a true omnichannel experience

Taking friction out of the engagement process by offering consistent, personalized experiences across all channels and locations is an important step towards building trust and loyalty across different generations and cultures. The experience you deploy needs to provide the channels your diverse customer base uses.

That’s why we’re excited to announce two new native channels in Flex: Google Business Messages and Email powered by Twilio SendGrid.

Google Business Messages provides your customers with an easy way to engage from Google search results. Email is great for sharing out longer form content, instructions, and providing necessary next steps to a customer.

Twilio Flex provides true omnichannel experiences across every channel by providing the data and context needed to enable customers and agents to switch between channels freely. To learn more about implementing AI and omnichannel solutions into Twilio Flex using quality real-time data, talk to our experts. And, don’t miss all of the exciting keynotes and breakout sessions we have around what’s possible with Flex, now available on-demand for free on the SIGNAL platform.

* - Flex feature is in Private beta.