How JobGet Uses Twilio's Link Shortening to Boost Conversions and Save Money

Twilio clients reaching their audience using the link shortening feature
March 30, 2023
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Sally Lee


Twilio launched our Link Shortening feature into Public Beta in September of 2022, and we’ve already had hundreds of businesses integrate it into their daily SMS workflow. These companies have sent nearly 50 million SMS messages with shortened links embedded and benefitted from a more positive customer experience, increased click-throughs, decreases in costs, and decreases in the likelihood of carrier filtering or blocking of messages.

One such customer who is benefiting from Twilio Link Shortening is JobGet


JobGet is a new and unique way for job seekers and employees to connect. JobGet serves Enterprise clients and small businesses where employers can connect with workers in the app within 5-minutes. It is truly a win-win solution, which has helped JobGet become a top app for hourly workers and thereby raise $52 million in series B funding.

JobGet’s primary use-case for Link Shortening is within their SMS requests for endorsements of hourly workers from previous managers. JobGet sends the endorsement request via SMS to the manager, and then follows up with a reminder one or two days later. Once the manager writes an endorsement, JobGet adds it to the job seeker's profile and notifies them via SMS. Think of this as being similar to the online ratings that we, as consumers, all pay attention to when choosing a doctor, a restaurant, or a vacation rental. Hourly workers have a mechanism to highlight their competencies and the hiring businesses can feel confident in their choices.

“One of the ancillary benefits of using Twilio is that it was easy to set up. I could not have set all this up in a day and a half with any other provider.” Rohit Chandrashekar, Principal Software Engineer, JobGet

JobGet was trying to solve several problems with Twilio Link Shortening.

The most pressing problem was to address costs because inserting long hyperlinks in an SMS would often make a message span two-segments and cause that single request to be charged as two messages (although the messages typically arrive and appear as a single message).

Additionally, JobGet wanted to ensure they have the highest number of endorsements completed as possible. In other words, they wanted to increase Conversions (endorsements completed) by maximizing their Click Through Rate (CTR).

Twilio Link Shortening helps on three fronts here:

  1. Through user research, JobGet knew that SMS recipients are less likely to click on long links
  2. SMS recipients are also less likely to click on links that don’t have the company’s name in the URL. With Twilio Link Shortening, the company domain name is included in the URL
  3. Increasing deliverability of messages - Links that have been shortened using public shared shorteners will result in higher risk of carrier filtering, with no recourse if filtering does occur.

For measurable results, JobGet is currently experiencing a CTR between 21% and 25%. In addition to Twilio Link Shortening, they use the Twilio Click Tracking functionality to verify the results that they are tracking through their third party analytics and event tracking software.

JobGet is a great example of how Twilio's Link Shortening feature can help businesses save money, increase engagement, and boost conversion rates. We’re proud to have them as a customer and are excited to see what’s next in their growth trajectory.


Bill Higbee is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Messaging, at Twilio. Bill has 20+ years experience in technical marketing roles spanning API, SaaS, Telecom, and more. When Bill isn’t helping businesses enhance their customer engagement, he’s most likely skiing, golfing, or finding some other way to have fun outdoors. Feel free to reach out to him at or