Insights & Metrics that Inform the Paste Design System

April 29, 2021
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Insights and metrics that inform the paste design system banner
On Twilio's Paste design system team, we’re often curious about _who_ uses our work and _how_ they use it. Besides being generally interesting, this information helps us track the adoption of our system, which helps clarify the business case of our work, while also informing us for our future decision making. This post will show you how we're tracking Paste's usage and how we use this data to improve how we build our design system. ##Looking for answers With all of the potential value of that usage data hovering over our heads, we decided we’d finally chase down some answers. First stop: our package’s NPM page.
NPM's install counter for our package
NPM's install counter for our package
Unsurprisingly, it didn’t provide much information. The weekly download count didn’t help us understand who is using our packages, which parts of our packages are used, and how they are used. It wasn't a very strong signal that could drive our decision-making. Even Ol’ Reliable, Google, didn’t really have an answer for us:
Image of Google search results
Not much help when we turned to Google
async function getAllOrgs() {
 try {
   const response = await octokit.paginate('GET /organizations');
   return response;
 } catch (error) {
Our adoption curve over the last year
Adoption is up and to the right :)
  "importInfo": {
    "imported": "Anchor",
    "local": "Anchor",
    "moduleName": "@twilio-paste/core",
    "importType": "ImportSpecifier"
  "props": {
    "onClick": "(Identifier)"
  "propsSpread": true,
  "location": {
    "file": "cool-org/cool-repo/packages/ui/src/components/InternalSpaLink.tsx",
    "start": {
      "line": 16,
      "column": 5

Shadi is a Staff UX Engineer working on the Paste design system. He’s invested in using data to build high quality products – and to describe what high quality products are. He can be reached at sisber [at] or at