Twilio Interconnect Location in Frankfurt is Now Live

November 27, 2019
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Twilio Interconnect Germany

Twilio is committed to expanding our global coverage of private network connectivity locations, providing our customers with better call quality options around the world. Twilio Interconnect provides our customers with better call quality options around the globe.

Today, we are excited to announce the expansion of Interconnect exchange in Europe with the addition of a new location in Frankfurt, Germany: DE1.  

Map showing Twilio Interconnect locatiions in the worldns

Interconnect was built for customers who need predictable and secure network performance. If voice quality is mission-critical to your business, Interconnect is an option worth exploring.  Although connecting to Twilio’s Cloud over the public internet is still an option for the majority of our customers to test out ideas or proof of concept, the public internet operates differently in every market and is a “best-effort” network. If you are focused on network performance, work with your Twilio Sales team to see if Interconnect is the right option for you.

The new location adds more coverage to Europe. With the new location in Frankfurt, select the connectivity option that best suits your security needs. 

Twilio Interconnect Benefits

Interconnect gives our customers the network reliability they expect while also giving them the scalability of the cloud. You have better manage sensitive data and mission-critical workloads by controlling security policies. Other important benefit is the ability to deliver the quality of service your customers expect through direct management of network traffic.

How to get started

If you’d like to learn more about Interconnect:

Nader Attar is the Product Manager in charge of Twilio's Interconnect products. He's focused on Twilio's Global Interconnect services such as VPN, Cross Connect, BYO MPLS, and 3rd Party exchanges to expand the presence of Twilio's cloud services around the world. He can be reached on Twitter at @ntwit12.