Introducing Elastic SIP Trunking Support for AudioCodes SBCs and Microsoft Teams

February 03, 2021
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Considering the rapid growth of the Microsoft Teams UCaaS service, it’s no surprise Twilio is often asked to provide a PSTN connectivity solution for the service. Enterprise customers want to combine the rich telephony features offered by Microsoft Teams with the global coverage and economical calling rates offered by Twilio SIP trunking services. And now – they can!

We’re excited to collaborate with AudioCodes to introduce the direct routing connectivity of  our Elastic SIP Trunking service to Microsoft Teams. The combination enables any organization using Microsoft Teams to connect to the PSTN via Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking. Additionally, users can get coverage in up to 100 countries with on-demand provisioning, unmatched reliability, and low calling rates.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Twilio to deliver scalable Microsoft Teams Direct Routing connectivity,” said Nimrode Borovsky, VP and General Manager, Enterprise, at AudioCodes. “As Microsoft Teams gains in popularity, not just as a unified communications and collaboration platform, but as a full PBX replacement solution, our versatile SBC offering in conjunction with Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking service represents a compelling and innovative solution for reliable and secure PSTN connectivity for Teams customers worldwide.”

You can also find the press release here.

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Bring your own carrier (BYOC) has become an increasingly popular way to connect a cloud communications service to the PSTN. With a BYOC solution, you can connect your UCaaS or CCaaS service to a SIP trunking service provider for access to the PSTN. When users initiate or receive PSTN calls, the calls are routed through the SIP trunking service provider. This enables enterprises to centralize management of DID phone numbers and calling plans with a preferred service provider.

Through its Direct Routing feature, Microsoft Teams offers BYOC support, which routes all PSTN traffic through a customer’s SBC. The SBC forms the solution’s pivot point, routing calls between the Microsoft cloud and the SIP trunking service provider.  

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In addition to Microsoft Teams, many cloud communications service providers have introduced BYOC support. They recognize that decoupling PSTN access from their application services enables them to focus on their core competency while giving their customers the freedom to choose SIP trunking services from a favored supplier.

AudioCodes SBCs simplify Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Deployments

The AudioCodes Mediant SBC is a central component in the joint solution for Microsoft Teams. Available as integrated hardware appliances and virtualized software-only solutions, AudioCodes Mediant SBCs streamline deployments, facilitate cloud migrations, and optimize quality of service. For hosting businesses, the Mediant SBCs offer multi-tenant support.

AudioCodes Mediant SBCs include a setup wizard that generates a ready-to-use configuration for connecting Teams to a Twilio SIP trunk. In addition, they are certified by Microsoft and tested by Twilio for compatibility with the respective services. IT managers can have confidence that the complete solution is easy to deploy, secure and highly scalable.

Because many IT departments are managing complex UC migrations from on-premises software to the cloud, AudioCodes SBCs include features to enable coexistence between the two services and ensure a smooth migration. They provide interoperability with legacy voice infrastructure and seamlessly route calls between the services.

AudioCodes SBCs support the Teams Local Media Optimization feature, a set of media processing features that help Microsoft Teams customers, improve voice quality, reduce bandwidth consumption, and limit security risks.

SIP trunking services complete the solution

Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking services complement the joint solution for Microsoft Teams. Twilio is a SIP trunking specialist that brings the scale, innovation and expertise of a global leader to Microsoft Teams customers. Twilio can help you reduce PSTN usage costs and extend a local customer experience to users in up to 100 countries.

  • Global coverage - Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking offers service in 100 countries, including clean, toll-free and DID phone numbers.
  • Low costs - Twilio Toll-free and DID prices are among the lowest in the industry
  • On-demand provisioning - Phone numbers and trunk services in any country can be provisioned in minutes through the central Twilio portal or API
  • Flexibility and control - A range of routing services and complementary applications can be added to your trunks. This enables you to control the experience, including outbound source phone number and inbound routing
  • Simplified operations - Twilio SIP trunks can consolidate PSTN connectivity across all your communications services, including VoIP, UC, collaboration and communications-enabled applications

These advantages, combined with the global Twilio Super Network’s reliability and our auto-scaling capacity, make Twilio Elastic SIP Trunks an excellent solution for Microsoft Teams customers.

A streamlined solution for global PSTN connectivity

The joint Twilio and AudioCodes direct connect  for Microsoft Teams provides IT managers with a highly reliable PSTN connectivity solution in up to 100 countries. It is fast to deploy, centrally manageable, and scales on-demand. The solution has been verified and tested by AudioCodes and Twilio so that you can deploy it with confidence.

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