Lead your intrepid crew through The Cloud with TwilioQuest adventure teams and operations

January 18, 2021
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Teams & Operations

From today, TwilioQuest Operators can play with friends, students, or other colleagues by setting up adventure teams and operations in the Operator console.

Adventure Teams

Adventure teams allow you to create groups of TwilioQuest players, and track their progress through the game. You could create or join teams for your classroom and/or meetup and/or group of friends, and keep tabs on how individuals in each group are doing.

You can also join operations as a team, and compete as a group!

Individual players can join your new team using a unique "join code" that will be generated when you create the team, and which you can find and share from your Teams info page.

Adventure Teams screenshot


Operations are events that TwilioQuest players can participate in together as a contest for a given period of time. Any points that players score between the start and end of an operation are tracked on that operation's leaderboard.

Teams and individual players can join your operation using a unique "join code" that will be generated when you create the operation, and which you can find and share from your operations info page.


Ideas to get you started

Contests can be as collaborative or competitive as you’d like. Here are some ideas of challenges you can set for your adventure team or operation:

  • Highest XP by individual or team
  • First team or individual to save the Flame of Opensource
  • Dress up your Avatar by finding all the armor in the game

We would love to hear what you do with your Adventure Teams and Operations! Tweet at @twilioquest to share your experience.

Adventure teams and operations for the classroom

TwilioQuest Educators can now use adventure teams and operations to set up their classroom and view student progress as they navigate through The Cloud!

By becoming a TwilioQuest Educator, you will also gain access to a “For Educators” tab in the console where you will find lesson plans, case studies, and additional resources for your classroom.

Teams for the classroom

Into the Future!

We're super excited to get this new teams and operations content out to our amazing developer community, both to see what you do with it and to get your feedback on how to make it better.