MMS is Now Generally Available in Australia

May 24, 2023
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Twilio is proud to announce our general availability of outbound MMS for businesses in Australia. This is part of our global expansion of MMS availability, and Twilio is one of the first CPaaS providers in Australia to offer support for MMS, enabling businesses in Australia to send images, videos, and more to their customers for enhanced customer engagement.


With Twilio MMS, businesses in Australia can send rich media messages, including images, videos, audio, and more. These types of messages can enhance conversations businesses are having with customers and drive greater engagement from users. Previously, multimedia and MMS messages in Australia would fallback to Picture SMS, where users would receive a URL link rather than the media within the message itself.

MMS supports a variety of use cases, from notifications and marketing to customer care and conversational commerce:

  • Notifications: Drive engagement by sending personalized notifications, alerts, reminders and more.
  • Marketing: Differentiate your brand and drive sales with images and videos in your promotional messages and marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Care: Decrease time to resolution by including images and videos in customer support conversations to enhance support capabilities and workflows.
  • Conversational Commerce: Drive sales and showcase products with rich media messages in commerce conversations.

Driving Customer Engagement with MMS Marketing Messages

With the arrival of MMS in Australia, companies like Podium are now able to provide their customers with the ability to send rich media messages to end consumers. Podium is a platform that enables companies to manage all of their customer communications, including reviews, website conversations, text marketing, payments, and more. Podium has partnered with Twilio to support MMS in Australia so its own customers can add rich media to marketing messages to make them even more engaging.

"Providing MMS to our customers really helps them enhance every use case. They are able to add images or gifs to any message that help them drive engagement and provide exceptional experiences to their customers,” Brad Granger, Head of Australia Market at Podium shared. “Twilio was able to enable MMS for our existing numbers in Australia, making it easy to start supporting it for our customers."

What’s Next with Twilio MMS

Twilio is one of the first CPaaS providers in Australia to offer MMS to customers, and we partnered with Australian carrier Optus to enable MMS over their network. Any new or existing Australian Twilio phone number will be enabled to send MMS.

Looking forward, Twilio plans to expand our MMS functionality in Australia to enable 2-way conversations via MMS.

And of course, this is just the beginning as Twilio continues our expansion of MMS globally!

Getting Started

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