Introducing Twilio’s brand-new customer Help Center

Introducing Twilio’s brand-new customer Help Center
September 21, 2023
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Twilio's new Help Center site begins rolling out to a small number of Twilio customers on Thursday, September 21, 2023. We will be adding additional customers every week until it becomes available to the full Twilio customer base mid-October. This new site launch will take the place of our existing Console Support Center Overview and sites, and comes with a host of improvements. In this blog, we’ll explain the updates, and how users will receive access.

Who is the new site for?

Our new Help Center site will be one place for all Twilio customers to get support from Twilio. This initial release only supports Twilio branded communications and software products that are currently covered on the existing site. But don’t fret if your product isn’t included just yet! Our new site was built to provide a uniform customer support experience to all customers across our entire product catalog.

If you use Authy, Segment, or SendGrid products, you should continue to submit requests for these products on their respective sites for the time being. Once the new site is live for all Twilio customers, we’ll begin preparing to migrate We’ll share updates as we continue to work through additional product and brand integrations.

What’s changing?

Our new site is where you’ll find our brand new platform, improved site search, and updated ticket submission form. This experience was built from the ground-up to not only replace the old Support Center, but be a better experience for all Twilio customers. Here’s what you can expect.

Improved searching

The Help Center includes a new smart search engine. It has all of our content indexed - Twilio API docs, Twilio Blog posts, and our Support docs - so you can find helpful content no matter where it’s posted. The new search engine also learns the more it’s used. It allows you to rate search results with thumbs up or thumbs down selections, and marks known helpful content as Recommended. Once it understands a question, it may even suggest a helpful search string to give you better results. If you find a search result that solved your issue, give it a thumbs up to help your fellow developers!

Improved ticket submission form

Our new ticket submission form does away with the product drop-down menu. This menu had too many options, and was confusing to a number of our customers. Instead, we’ve trained a machine learning (ML) model to understand your issues, and route them to the right support team in seconds. This results in easier ticket submission, fewer mis-routes, and quicker responses. When submitting a request to our Support team, be sure to share as much detail about the issue as possible, so we can get you help faster!

Personalized Support features

We have additional features specifically for our Personalized Support customers. These customers have access to a ticket submission form from the navigation panel, and a new support plans page with contact numbers for their Support team.

For more information on our support offerings, see Twilio’s Support Plans page. For full details on these changes, see Twilio’s New Customer Help Center for Personalized Customers.

New platform

The all-new website platform gives our engineering team more flexibility than ever before. Along with this initial set of improvements, we’re planning additional features and integrations in the future to make sure you get world-class support.

How do I get access?

We’ll begin migrating users to the new site on Thursday, September 21st. We’ll start with a small set of randomly selected Account SIDs, and then review feedback and error logs to ensure the new help center is stable. The rollout is planned over 30 days, with weekly releases to additional Accounts, and continuous monitoring.

Since the Account SIDs are selected randomly, we are unable to add specific accounts early. Please note that accounts will see no changes if they have not yet received access. Ticket submission in Console will remain live for these accounts until the site has been rolled out to everyone.

Where can I learn more?


For full details, including detailed instructions, please see our Support article.