New Phone Numbers in France, Ireland, the Netherlands. Developer Preview Numbers in 6 new European & African countries.

September 19, 2016
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I am excited to share that starting today, you can make and receive phone calls from new local phone numbers in France, Ireland, and the Netherlands. You can also request developer preview access to local phone numbers in six new countries: Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Kenya, Nigeria, and Slovenia.

Previously, in France, Ireland, and the Netherlands you had access to national phone numbers for your voice applications. Now, you can choose from 12 local prefixes (+331, +334, +335, +3531, +35321, +35361, +35391, +3120, +3110, +3130, +3140, +3170) so your business can have a locally-relevant identity and your customers can reach you on a familiar, geographic prefix. These new numbers are available now through the Twilio Console and the Phone Number API.

We’ve also been working with a number of new service providers to add phone numbers in Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Kenya, Nigeria, and Slovenia. These numbers have gone through a rigorous performance and reliability testing process. As a next step, we are offering these numbers by request as a developer preview, so we can verify the quality with real world testing.

We have thoroughly vetted these numbers and don’t expect issues, but we advise against using test numbers in production. Also, we may have limited stock of preview numbers, so bear with us if we’re unable to accommodate your request. If you’re interested in testing with Developer Preview numbers, get in touch!

In case you missed it, we also launched Dutch SMS phone numbers last week.