#OwlAboutMe: NJ Potter, Manager, Platform Architecture

June 30, 2022
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#OwlAboutMe is an editorial series spearheaded by the Twilio Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing team. We highlight our Twilions and how they are "drawing the owl" in their day-to-day roles and pushing the boundaries at Twilio!

Let's meet NJ Potter (She/Her), Manager - Platform Architecture. Read more about her, how she found Twilio through a previous role she worked in, and why a career coach is integral to her development. It's all in our latest #OwlAboutMe employee spotlight.


Tell us about your role! What do you build? How did you land here?

Hey everyone! My name is Njeri Potter, but I go by "NJ." As a Manager - Platform Architecture in the Sales Efficiency department, I design and build sales tools using analytics —specifically Salesforce's CRM Analytics!

My journey to Twilio started when I met my current team as their Customer Success Manager at one of our software providers. I was so impressed by their camaraderie and creativity in solving complex problems that I sought out Twilio — specifically the Sales Operations team — when it was time for me to pursue a new venture. My team is as great to work with now as they were then.

The best part of my role is working to solve challenging problems with people who are as excited by a challenge as I am!

Share your favorite benefit or perk that Twilio offers.

My favorite benefit Twilio offers is career coaching. Through our partnership with BetterUp, Twilions receive unlimited coaching video sessions with one of BetterUp's trained coaches and a Whole Person Assessment, which provides insights into your strengths and opportunities. I've used my coach to help me grow as a professional and recognize my strengths as well as my growth areas.


Last question: Which Twilio Magic value means the most to you?

We are curious! Twilio is the only place I've worked where it's been just as valued to try and fail as it is to try and succeed. We want to know what the answer ISN'T because that helps us get to what it IS. Experiments are encouraged because they lead to innovation.

To learn more about NJ, follow her on Linkedin!

BTW, we’re hiring!

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