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Twilio Magic

The Twilio Magic is our
defining spirit


The Twilio Magic is at the core of our operating system—it defines who we are, and guides how we work together. It’s a distillation of the values and principles that we stand for as a company.



We are Builders

We love hard problems and believe in the indomitable power of people's ability to create a better world through ingenuity and resourcefulness. We reject the “can’t be done” and believe bold ideas and fearless iteration can resolve the most challenging problems for our customers and the world they operate in.

We are Owners

We take accountability and see things through. We take the long view, sweat the details, and think about how our work makes Twilio better every day. We recognize that we and others do our best work when we feel both empowered and accountable for outcomes.

We are Curious

We see ourselves as works in progress. We know that we don’t have all the answers, humbly seek the truth, and strive to get better every day. As individuals, as a company, and in our products, we seek continual progress over perfection and acknowledge shortcomings as a matter of fact. Progress comes not from avoiding mistakes or hard truths, but in learning from them.

We are Positrons

A positron is a positively charged electron. We are genuinely excited to serve and help others. We believe that positive energy is contagious and caring is critical. We seek to be bright spots for the people around us in every interaction, and we stand up and work for what we believe is good and right for our customers, our company, our communities, and the world at large.


Principles that help us
live our values

Our values come with associated principles—they’re lessons that we’ve learned along the way that help us accomplish amazing things together.

Act like a Builder

Wear the customers’ shoes

When deciding what to build, wear the customers’ shoes. Spend time with your customers and work hard to understand the world from their perspective. Build empathy and build with a spirit of hospitality. Earn trust through every interaction.

Draw the owl

When there aren’t step-by-step instructions, draw the owl. Embrace the uncertainty, and realize that when we have the opportunity to write the instruction book, that's when we're pushing the boundary. Also recognize that we might not get it right the first time—that's ok, as long as we embrace the iterative nature of creation.

Write it down

When approaching a problem, start by writing it down. To get the best results, put in the work to write down your desired outcomes, your decision criteria, and your plan of action; and write down the lessons learned along the way. This forces clear thinking and enables effective communication. The aim should be concise, thoughtful, and simple writing presented in a productive forum.

Organize into small teams

When you’ve outgrown the ability for everyone to internalize and be involved in everything you’re doing, divide into well-structured, small teams. Define your teams by the customer served, the mission we serve for the customer, and the metrics that indicate if we're on the right track.

Live the spirit of challenge

When things get complicated, hard, or even impossible, live the spirit of challenge. Embrace the hard problems. If our ambitions aren’t challenging, we aren’t pushing ourselves enough.

Be the Owner

Trust is the #1 thing we sell

When taking ownership, earn trust—it’s the #1 thing we sell. Know your stuff; do what you say you’ll do, and focus on the interests and needs of others, not just your own. Trust is a bank account you make deposits into for long periods of time, and hope not to make withdrawals.

Think long term

When you’re making decisions that will have a lasting impact, think long term. Consider how the problem you’re owning will evolve over time, and take actions now that the future will thank you for.

Have a point of view

When given the opportunity to weigh in on a big decision, have a point of view. Put in the effort needed to understand the issues and to formulate your recommendation for the best path forward. Be bold and clear in how you communicate your thoughts to others.

Ruthlessly prioritize

When making decisions on where to invest time and resources, ruthlessly prioritize. Prioritization helps break down complex problems, and provides clarity in the face of uncertainty. We can’t do everything, so focus on what matters most, and help others do the same.

Be frugal

When spending company resources, be frugal. If we can do more with less, we can do more. Ensure that everything we spend time and money on benefits our customers and our mission.

Pick up the trash

When you see something that needs doing, pick up the trash. Sweat the details and pay attention to the little things. If you pick it up now, you’ll thank yourself in the future.

Disagree and commit

When working with others to make a decision, disagree and commit. Solicit and participate in honest, open, and respectful debate to get to the best decision, but be a committed supporter once the decision is made, even when the decision doesn’t go your way.

Stay relentlessly Curious

Be humble

When forming and asserting your point of view, be humble. Everybody has something to learn, and everyone you meet has something valuable they can teach you. Recognize that you are a work in progress and don’t hold all the answers; seek to learn from others.

Embrace uncomfortable

When you feel out of your comfort zone, embrace being uncomfortable. Know that in order to grow and change you must be vulnerable, alert, and willing to try new things. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re probably doing it right.

Seek the truth

When faced with adversity or the unknown, seek the truth. The goal, always, is to find the best possible answer. Ask the right questions, put aside politics and titles, and work with others to come to the best answers.

Share problems, not solutions

When you need to get the best thinking (and energy!) from others, share problems, not solutions. Invite them into the problem rather than just prescribing your version of the solution.

Seek progress over perfection

When you feel stuck in the middle of a complex problem, seek progress over perfection. Experiment through constant testing, user feedback, and iteration to help progress your ideas— rather than sitting at your desk designing the most perfect solution that no one will use.

Be a Positron

Be genuine

Be genuine. Be you, complete with quirks and eccentricities, and without facade. Don’t fear being different or letting your humanity show, and embrace diverse perspectives and ways of thinking.

No shenanigans

No shenanigans. Be thoughtful, and always deal in an honest, direct, and transparent way.

Empower others

Empower others. Unleashing human potential in others is the key to our success. It’s the best way to make an impact at scale. Be humble, and realize it’s not only about you; invest in others.

Be antiracist

Be antiracist, which is an umbrella term also referred to as anti-oppression or anti-bias. Being anti-racist means actively opposing racism, oppression, bias, and discrimination, and actively promoting equity for all communities.

Be respectful

Be respectful. Show consideration and regard for others; listen well and be open to input. Being right is not an excuse for being a jerk.

Ask how you can help

Ask how you can help. Teams are made of folks who help each other. When somebody needs help, we proactively offer it. And one day when we need help, somebody offers it to us.


Interested in living the Twilio Magic?

Whether you’re an engineering expert or the maestro of marketing, we’re always looking for passionate individuals to join our ever-growing, global team of Twilions.