Twilio Sydney Interconnect Exchange is Live with Continued Expansion in APAC

February 20, 2020
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Private connections guarantee quality, security, and network performance. For businesses looking for these factors, Twilio’s Interconnect is the answer. Interconnect was built for the customers who need quality of service and secure network performance. Twilio is committed to expanding our global coverage of private network connectivity locations, providing our customers with better call quality options around the world.

A few months ago we launched a new Interconnect Exchange in Europe. We are taking that momentum and expanding into other regions like the Asia Pacific.

Now, we are excited to announce the expansion of Interconnect exchange in APAC with the addition of a new location in Sydney, Australia, AU1. The new exchange provides customers with connectivity via cross-connect, VPN, Bring-Your-Own-MPLS, and the Equinix Cloud Exchange with initial product support for Elastic SIP Trunking, SIP Interface, and Voice WebRTC.

Twilio Interconnect Benefits

If voice quality is mission-critical to your business, Interconnect is an option worth exploring.  Although connecting to Twilio’s Cloud over the public internet is still an option to test out ideas or proof of concept, the public internet operates differently in every market and is a “best-effort” network. If you are focused on network performance, work with your Twilio Sales team to see which Interconnect option is the right choice for you. The new location adds more coverage to the APAC region. 

Interconnect gives our customers the network security and reliability they need while offering the scalability of the cloud. You have direct access to manage sensitive data and mission-critical workloads by controlling security policies. Another important benefit is the ability to deliver the quality of service that your customers expect through direct management of network traffic. 

Interconnect connections shared across Projects for Enterprise Plan

Twilio Enterprise Plan is a packaged set of capabilities designed to support security, access management and administration needs of large businesses building with Twilio. 

For the current plan see Now Interconnect connections can be shared across different projects for the Enterprise plan package.

How to get started

If you’d like to learn more about Interconnect: