Announcing Twilio Verify WhatsApp, now in Public Beta

April 04, 2022
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Verify WhatsApp Public Beta

The ability to reach and verify more than 2B monthly active users on WhatsApp, with a few lines of code, is a game-changer. We're excited to announce that you can instantly send One-Time Passcodes to your WhatsApp users with the Twilio Verify API.

Reaching consumers where they are

As digital interactions accelerate, SMS is no longer the only option to verify users throughout the customer journey. WhatsApp is fast achieving ubiquity as a messaging channel worldwide, with increased penetration in Latin America and Asia Pacific regions.

WhatsApp’s popularity has grown due to the prohibitive costs associated with traditional SMS. Sending text messages in many countries outside the US can be costly to send and receive. A free app for consumers makes WhatsApp a natural choice for engaging with consumers over a trusted channel.

Adding WhatsApp to the Authy App

Several months ago, the Twilio Verify team added WhatsApp as a channel to our Twilio Authy App as a trial to understand consumer expectations. The results were promising, and we saw strong user adoption. In countries where WhatsApp adoption is high, such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, we saw up to 40% of users choose WhatsApp as a method to verify their identity.

Using Twilio Verify + WhatsApp

For developers familiar with the Verify API and sending SMS One-time Passcodes, switching the desired Channel parameter from SMS to WhatsApp is a simple one-word change to the API request. Similar to the Verify SMS channel, pre-approved One-time Passcode template messages are sent through shared WhatsApp-enabled phone numbers maintained by Verify. The generated One-time Passcode is the same on either channel, enabling users to use the code they receive from either WhatsApp or SMS if both were requested.

Using the WhatsApp channel with the Twilio Verify API offers unique benefits that may be challenging to replicate for businesses building and sending WhatsApp One-time Passcodes themselves.

Get started with Twilio Verify WhatsApp

The shift from physical to digital has dramatically accelerated digital interactions. The Twilio Verify WhatsApp channel offers secure verification to build throughout consumer touchpoints, from secure user onboarding to repeat logins and authentication to transaction verifications.

Interested in giving the Twilio Verify API and WhatsApp channel a deeper look? Explore our documentation.

We can’t wait to see what you build!