UserConf in October: Putting Customers First

September 24, 2012
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Hey, don’t worry. No one at UserConf will try to pitch you.

UserConf has a strict no-pitch policy so attendees can focus on what matters– the customer. UserVoice and CoSupport teamed up to organize an event where product is put on the back burner and user experience is put first. As a devoutly “no shenanigans” company, that’s something we can get behind. We’ll be at UserConf on October 12th in San Francisco, at the Fort Mason Center.

Practically everyone in speaking at UserConf has “customer” in their title, and that’s no mistake. The speaking sessions are more of a meeting of a minds designed to figure out new ways and best practices to empower and help customers. Sessions cover scaling to 24/7 support in just 30 days, handling passionate customer feedback with over a million users, damage control during crisis and more.

Reps from 37signals, Eventbrite Airbnb, SurveyMonkey and Olark will be on scene dishing out sound advice while eating copious amounts of ice cream. Yeah, there’s ice cream, it’s part of the user experience.

To learn more about UserConf, register, and check out their full speaker lineup you can visit their site here. We also have a special $50 discount for the Twilio community, just use weheartwilio when you register.