Flex | Dec. 07, 2022

Announcing Flex Conversations GA

We are excited to announce that Flex Conversations is now Generally Available.

Flex Conversations introduces the new async channel platform to easily build SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, and Chat channels in Flex. This release includes:

  • Support for Conversations API, the single API to manage all asynchronous channels including SMS/MMS. WhatsApp, and Chat
  • New Interactions API to set up and manage inbound and outbound communications
  • An open source React based chat application to help you get started with creating and embedding webchat into your website
  • Attachment support for all channels that support attachments
  • Conversations support in Twilio Studio

Flex Conversations requires Flex UI 2.0. See the Flex UI 2.0 docs for more info and how to perform a migration.

You can read more about this launch on our blog, and if you’re ready to start building, dive into our docs.

Flex GA