Twilio SendGrid Changelog | May. 03, 2023

Event Webhooks Enhancement, Effective May 3, 2023

Effective May 3rd, 2023, Twilio SendGrid customers will be able to configure multiple endpoints for our Event Webhook feature. This enhanced feature provides customers with greater flexibility and control with the ability to  deliver event data to multiple endpoints, each configured to receive whichever events make sense for your email program. For example, you could have one Event Webhook to monitor engagement data and another for delivery events, or one Webhook sending data to your marketing analytics pipeline and another feeding your application monitoring stack.

With this new feature roll-out we have updated the user interface (UI). All the webhook settings are in one place. In the SendGrid UI, click on Mail Settings in the left navigation, and you will see Event Webhooks below the Webhook settings heading.. We have consolidated our security features: Signature Verification and OAuth 2.0 in one place, providing you with a streamlined user interface.

Additionally, we have added four new fields in the UI and API:
1. Friendly Name
2. Webhook ID
3. Created Date
4. Updated Date

* Existing webhooks will not be affected by this change, but customers can add additional endpoints as desired.
* The number of endpoints per user is dependent on the TSG plan you are on. See the SendGrid pricing page for details.

We hope this new feature will enhance our customers' experience with Twilio SendGrid and improve their ability to track and analyze their email engagement and delivery data.


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