Super SIM | May. 05, 2021

Super SIM Distributed Internet Breakout - Frankfurt

Super SIM now offers Distributed Internet Breakouts. Up until now, all traffic from/to an IoT device using Super SIM has been going through the Twilio Mobile Core instance deployed in Ashburn, USA. Twilio now has an additional location in Frankfurt to provide Internet breakout for Super SIM customers in Europe and Africa, with more locations to follow.

Using distributed breakout to the Internet is important to achieve low latency, which opens up new use cases such as adding real time voice/video communications to an IoT device. To make use of the breakout location in Frankfurt, Super SIM customers must configure “de1.super” as the APN (see Super SIM APN configuration). The existing default APN “super”, when used, results in traffic breaking out to the Internet via Twilio Mobile Core in Ashburn, USA.

If you are interested in using the Frankfurt Internet breakout location, please reach out to Twilio support.

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