Twilio Changelog | Jul. 31, 2023

Twilio Virtual Agent with Google Dialogflow CX now generally available

TL;DR: Twilio Virtual Agent with Google Dialogflow CX has reached General Availability. Build AI-powered conversational IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems at scale.

We are excited to announce that Twilio Virtual Agent with Google Dialogflow CX has reached General Availability. 


What is Twilio Virtual Agent with Google Dialogflow CX?

Twilio Virtual Agent allows customers to offer AI-based conversational experiences (aka chatbots)  through Twilio Programmable Voice. Google Dialogflow CX is an AI-based virtual agent, or “bot,” platform that runs on Google’s Cloud computing Platform (GCP), part of Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) solution. We tightly integrated Twilio’s Programmable Voice with Google Dialogflow CX allowing customers to easily setup and manage this integration while providing the sophistication necessary to build contact center grade chatbots for corporations of all sizes. Namely, we created a Studio widget and one-click connector, enabling Twilio customers to quickly and easily create either TwiML code – <Virtual Agent> noun – or a Studio flow that can be mapped to a Twilio phone number. Customers can get an inbound conversational IVR up and running in as little as 30 minutes, using one Google’s pre-built agents, or can build and tightly integrate their customized agent. Once setup, the integration allows for customers to make/receive calls to the virtual agent through Twilio Programmable Voice, including application callbacks that include relevant information such as customer intent, sentiment and transcript, and actions such as call ended or handoff to a human agent, allowing customers to integrate virtual agents with customer engagement applications, starting with Twilio FLEX, other contact center platforms and systems, etc.

Customer benefits 

With this feature, businesses of all sizes can evolve their traditional  “voice front door” IVR to a natural and fluid conversational experience with an AI-based  virtual agent, for self servicing and getting right to what they want, for example by responding to simple questions like “what can i help you with today?”, and be transferred to a live agent when needed, preserving call context. Calling customers get right to the answers they need, and companies can use virtual agents to scale their contact center operations while increasing customer satisfaction.

Why is this GA Important?

AI is everywhere, and customers are looking for AI-based solutions to leverage the benefits of AI at scale. With Google Dialogflow CX, Twilio is now able to power Conversational AI-based IVRs at scale, and – used either standalone or with Twilio FLEX or other contact center solutions –  deliver the industry’s best Virtual Agent Platform for enterprises at an affordable price. This feature enhances Twilio Programmable Voice and Twilio FLEX with forward-looking, field-tested AI functionality, also providing a path for customers to migrate from legacy solutions such as Twilio Autopilot. Twilio Virtual Agent is designed for scale and compliance. The solution is PCI-ready.


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