Close the trust gap

Discover what 1000 individuals and 500 business leaders in the US had to say about trust, customer engagement, and unlocking business value. Learn what actions you can take today to close the trust gap.

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Is your brand as trusted as you think?

You know your brand through and through. You probably wouldn’t work for your company if you didn’t believe it was a quality, trustworthy organization with valuable offerings for customers. In that sense, you’re similar to most leaders we surveyed—nearly 80% of whom think their customers have somewhat or very high trust in their company’s brand.


The connected dimensions of trust

When consumers talk about the trust they feel for brands, it’s probable that they aren’t thinking specifically about your brand, but even for the most trusted brands, there are usually opportunities for improvement.


The bottom line of trust: A quantifiable impact.

Trust matters to your company’s bottom line over both the short and long terms. There’s massive upside for brands that get it right. But beware: Brands that violate trust both miss that benefit and lose customers and revenues—creating, in essence, a potential double-downside.


Fill the gaps: tangible approaches to elevating trust

Our research reveals multiple disconnects between what business leaders and consumers perceive about the mechanics and realities of trust. It also reveals significant headroom even for consumers’ most trusted brands to improve their performance in ways that deepen trust. To get there, it’s important to connect your brand’s intentions with its actions across the four trust signals.