Drive Meaningful Customer Engagement at Scale During Cyber Week

Hear from Twilio experts about how to build and scale your Messaging and Email solutions for success during the largest engagement week of the year in an interview-style webinar.

Drive Meaningful Customer Engagement at Scale During Cyber Week

Over the years as Twilio has grown our email and messaging capabilities and scale, we have had the joy of seeing our customers grow with us. Whether it’s expanding geographically, across channels, or thinking about new ways our customers engage with communication channels, growing your communications has become a cornerstone for expanding customer loyalty, brand identity, and driving your business forward. 

All of this growth and scale is put to the test during the largest business-to-consumer communication week of the year, Cyber Week. While there are other peak engagement times during the year, nothing matches the sheer volume of Cyber Week where in 2022 we processed over 55 billion SMS/MMS and emails for our customers in a single week. It’s easy to look at that volume and be satisfied with the results, but communications has changed drastically over the past 5-10 years and sending as many SMS/MMS and Emails as possible is not the goal. The real goal is to create interactions with your customers that engage and meet them on the channels they prefer.

During this webinar we discuss topics such as Messaging and Email trends that are impacting our customers today, what metrics matter the most, common mistakes we see when scaling your platforms, how to engage with customers on the channels they prefer, along with an engaging discussion on many more topics.

If you are preparing for Cyber Week or just looking for tips on how to intelligently scale your email or messaging platform for deeper customer engagement, this webinar is for you. 

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Learn about how to build, iterate, and scale your messaging and email solutions for the biggest week of the year

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