Global Reach

Scale voice & messaging applications globally in minutes.

Make Phone Calls Globally

Geographically distributed datacenters connect calls through carriers worldwide. Calls are optimally routed to reduce latency and provide the highest quality experience.

Send SMS Globally

We connect with mobile carriers globally so your SMS will be delivered wherever your users are. Send messages in whatever language your users speak; our API supports UTF-8.

Receive Phone Calls Anywhere in the World

Expand globally with instantly provisionable Twilio phone numbers in a growing number of countries worldwide. Add new country coverage in seconds, without requiring codebase changes or carrier negotiations.

Global Infrastructure With Local Features

Flexible features for connecting with users, wherever they are.

Local Identity

With local phone numbers in more than 70 countries and a point of presence in five continents, we give you a local identity for your voice and messaging applications.

Local Quality

With Global Low Latency (GLL), your calls automatically take the shortest and highest quality path. Local carrier connections worldwide help us validate that your messages can be delivered and you receive real-time delivery status.

Local Language

Convert text to speech (TTS) in 26 languages for your automated voice greetings and commands. Send text messages in almost every language with support for 116,000 characters through dynamic Unicode encoding.

Regulatory Compliance

Twilio has you covered, with automated address verification required for local phone numbers, data delete controls for privacy of call and message data and adherence to stringent EU privacy laws with Safe Harbor compliance.

Local Cost Control

Prevent voice and messaging overuse in each country with an API for usage-based triggers and explicit geographic permissions in your Account Portal.

Use Cases

See the businesses that are benefiting from Twilio’s global infrastructure

Account Verification

DriveNow expands its car sharing service to new markets using Twilio's global reach to instantly verify customer accounts with Twilio SMS from a familiar local phone number.

Work Scheduling

TaskRabbit gains a local identity in new markets with local phone numbers and connects a marketplace of small-task outsourcing with two-way Twilio SMS in any language.

Home Automation

Smarterkey opens home and apartment doors anywhere in the world by validating a guest's arrival via Twilio SMS, which interacts with an electronic cylinder placed in an everyday lock.

Dispatch Notifications

Coca-Cola keeps 600,000 coolers and vending machines working across Western Europe with automated service orders that are distributed to repair technicians via Twilio SMS.

We Can't Wait to See What You Build

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