More than six million developers around the world have built applications using Twilio, embedding communications in applications that allow users to hail a ride, make a bank transaction, shop online, authenticate an account, or contact elected officials. Twilio has enabled more than 160,000 enterprise customers – from non‑profits to small and medium‑sized businesses to the world’s largest organizations – to help reinvent how they engage with their customers.

Twilio advocates on the following public policy priorities at the state, federal and international levels:

Data privacy

Twilio believes that individuals are entitled to strong protection of their personal data; we do not monetize consumer data. We expend substantial resources across the company to safeguard and protect the data entrusted to us, and are transparent about the ways we process data provided to us. We also publish Law Enforcement Guidelines for requesting subscriber records, and a global Transparency Report on the volume of requests we have received for data from government agencies. Twilio is self‑certified to the U.S./EU Privacy Shield, and received approval from the EU for Binding Corporate Rules in 2018.

In the United States, Twilio is a vigorous advocate for strong federal privacy legislation. We believe that robust federal legislation is the best way to ensure that individuals receive the privacy protection they deserve, and understand exactly what protections and rights they have, no matter where in the locale they happen to live.

Trusted communications

Twilio believes that the global communications ecosystem must be trusted in order to satisfy the legitimate needs of consumers and businesses. Twilio recognizes the responsibility of service providers to enable consumers to receive the communications they want to receive while being shielded from unwanted communications.

Twilio welcomes bipartisan legislation that ensures consumers across all communications channels receive the communications they want to receive while reducing unwanted communications. Twilio regularly engages with Congress, the FTC and the FCC to advocate for accessible,open internet access. We are an active participant in industry groups including ATIS and M3AAWG that work to limit unwanted communications.

Data security

Twilio supports policies that enable and encourage strong, risk‑based cybersecurity. As a company whose customers include enterprises that send data across the globe, we believe that global interoperability of cybersecurity standards is essential to properly ensuring data security.

Twilio’s Security team is charged with ensuring that consumer communications data is secure, defended and properly handled. Twilio is ISO 27001 and SOC‑2 certified, has published security policies, auditing and training. Twilio offers API security features, audit and role‑based access control (RBAC), Single Sign‑On (SSO) for access management, and offers a vulnerability disclosure program. Authy, Twilio’s two‑factor authentication (2FA) solution, helps protect consumers online.

Diversity and inclusion

Twilio believes that having a diverse workforce is not only the right thing to do, but will make us a stronger and more productive company. At Twilio, we strive to build equity, equality, and belonging to make communication more inclusive for all.

Twilio is committed to an equitable approach to foster diversity in its workforce. Twilio hires employees from non‑traditional tech backgrounds, including an engineering apprenticeship program for underrepresented persons in tech. Twilio’s offices outside the traditional Bay Area recruit STEM talent and support local economic growth across the locale.

Public Policy Associations

Twilio engages with numerous trade and industry organizations dedicated to the notion of improving the safety of electronic communications via the development of new, innovative technologies and fostering a coordinated approach to public policy issues.

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Sandford C. Reback
Vice President, Global Public Policy and Government Affairs

Rebecca Murphy Thompson
Head of Communication Policy, Twilio Global Public Policy and Government Affairs

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